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Bills Previously Introduced

Bill Number Previous Legislation
SB0005 2021RS-SB0303 2020RS-SB0020
SB0006 2021RS-SB0967
SB0009 2021RS-SB0703
SB0017 2021RS-SB0675
SB0018 2021RS-SB0955
SB0025 2021RS-SB0495 2020RS-HB1186
SB0029 2021RS-SB0173
SB0030 2021RS-SB0625 2020RS-HB1213
SB0031 2021RS-SB0690 2017RS-HB0767 2016RS-HB0947
SB0033 2021RS-SB0250 2020RS-SB0230
SB0041 2021RS-SB0057
SB0042 2021RS-SB0899
SB0044 2021RS-SB0122 2020RS-SB0627
SB0045 2021RS-SB0198
SB0048 2021RS-SB0837
SB0049 2021RS-HB0223
SB0052 2021RS-SB0962
SB0053 2021RS-SB0136
SB0054 2021RS-SB0289
SB0062 2020RS-SB0440 2019RS-SB0497
SB0066 2021RS-SB0191
SB0071 2021RS-SB0128
SB0072 2021RS-SB0285
SB0073 2021RS-SB0006
SB0078 2020RS-SB0641
SB0079 2021RS-SB0249
SB0080 2021RS-SB0312 2020RS-SB0094
SB0085 2021RS-HB1175
SB0087 2021RS-HB0311 2020RS-HB0070 2019RS-HB0108 2018RS-HB0672 2017RS-HB0237
SB0088 2021RS-HB0481 2020RS-HB0268 2019RS-HB0535
SB0090 2021RS-SB0446
SB0094 2021RS-SB0168
SB0098 2021RS-SB0634
SB0099 2021RS-SB0410
SB0100 2021RS-SB0936
SB0101 2021RS-SB0632
SB0105 2021RS-SB0435
SB0115 2020RS-HB0659 2019RS-HB0103
SB0118 2021RS-SB0521 2020RS-SB0658 2019RS-SB0491 2018RS-SB0560
SB0127 2021RS-SB0463
SB0130 2021RS-SB0370 2020RS-SB0488
SB0132 2021RS-SB0277 2020RS-SB0303
SB0137 2021RS-SB0176 2020RS-SB0492
SB0140 2021RS-SB0475 2020RS-SB0500
SB0146 2021RS-SB0315
SB0148 2021RS-SB0258 2020RS-SB0349 2019RS-SB0357 2018RS-SB0459 2017RS-SB0132
SB0151 2021RS-SB0400
SB0155 2021RS-HB0371
SB0159 2019RS-SB0430
SB0160 2019RS-SB0293
SB0161 2021RS-SB0189 2020RS-SB0368
SB0162 2021RS-SB0231
SB0165 2021RS-HB1029
SB0166 2021RS-SB0163 2020RS-SB0110
SB0208 2021RS-SB0091 2018RS-HB0683
SB0212 2021RS-SB0044 2020RS-HB0622
SB0223 2021RS-SB0530
SB0231 2020RS-HB0778
SB0233 2021RS-HB0615
SB0234 2021RS-SB0934
SB0235 2021RS-HB0511 2020RS-HB0806 2019RS-HB0580
SB0236 2021RS-SB0656
SB0239 2021RS-SB0296 2020RS-SB0129
SB0240 2021RS-SB0510
SB0245 2021RS-SB0376
SB0247 2021RS-SB0782
SB0248 2021RS-SB0635
SB0249 2021RS-SB0378 2020RS-SB0937
SB0250 2021RS-SB0336 2020RS-SB0933
SB0251 2021RS-SB0287
SB0255 2021RS-SB0757
SB0266 2021RS-SB0847
SB0273 2021RS-SB0195
SB0275 2021RS-SB0211
SB0282 2021RS-SB0425
SB0284 2019RS-SB0934
SB0285 2021RS-SB0713
SB0286 2021RS-SB0190 2020RS-SB0179 2019RS-SB0097 2018RS-SB0602
SB0287 2021RS-SB0643
SB0295 2021RS-SB0389
SB0298 2021RS-SB0957
SB0300 2021RS-SB0555
SB0308 2021RS-HB0061
SB0311 2021RS-SB0169 2020RS-HB0428 2018RS-HB1430
SB0314 2021RS-SB0738
SB0315 2021RS-SB0162 2020RS-SB1042 2019RS-SB0768
SB0319 2021RS-HB0109
SB0320 2021RS-SB0070 2020RS-SB1067
SB0321 2021RS-HB0857
SB0322 2020RS-SB0220 2019RS-SB0453 2018RS-SB1046 2017RS-SB0847 2016RS-SB1127
SB0325 2021RS-SB0733
SB0327 2021RS-SB0027 2020RS-SB0198 2019RS-SB0115 2018RS-SB0099 2017RS-SB0511
SB0329 2021RS-SB0010
SB0332 2020RS-SB0609
SB0333 2021RS-SB0900 2020RS-SB0146 2019RS-SB0009
SB0335 2021RS-SB0016
SB0336 2021RS-SB0355
SB0338 2021RS-SB0309 2020RS-SB0506 2019RS-SB0114 2018RS-SB0027
SB0339 2021RS-SB0852 2020RS-SB0035
SB0342 2021RS-SB0605
SB0355 2021RS-SB0828
SB0356 2021RS-SB0702
SB0357 2021RS-SB0844 2020RS-SB0833
SB0358 2021RS-SB0416 2020RS-SB0947
SB0359 2021RS-SB0188
SB0360 2021RS-SB0511
SB0361 2021RS-SB0288
SB0363 2021RS-SB0243 2020RS-SB0322
SB0366 2016RS-SB0045 2015RS-SB0028 2014RS-SB1116
SB0370 2021RS-HB0651
SB0376 2020RS-SB0835
SB0389 2021RS-SB0608
SB0390 2021RS-SB0348 2020RS-HB1183
SB0396 2020RS-SB0273
SB0414 2021RS-SB0150 2020RS-SB1055
SB0416 2021RS-HB0964
SB0423 2021RS-HB0890
SB0427 2020RS-SB0426 2018RS-SB1166
SB0433 2021RS-SB0951
SB0434 2021RS-HB0591 2020RS-HB0708 2019RS-HB1396
SB0435 2021RS-SB0145 2020RS-SB0296
SB0449 2021RS-SB0911
SB0450 2021RS-SB0834
SB0452 2021RS-HB0848 2013RS-HB0597
SB0453 2021RS-SB0577 2020RS-SB0826
SB0471 2021RS-SB0835
SB0474 2021RS-SB0803
SB0482 2020RS-HB1272
SB0486 2020RS-SB0401
SB0493 2021RS-SB0522
SB0494 2021RS-SB0418
SB0498 2021RS-SB0584
SB0509 2021RS-SB0420 2020RS-SB0704
SB0512 2021RS-SB0809
SB0530 2017RS-SB1145
SB0532 2021RS-SB0838 2014RS-HB1094
SB0533 2021RS-SB0560 2020RS-SB0672
SB0534 2021RS-SB0840 2020RS-SB0517
SB0535 2018RS-SB1067 2017RS-SB0841
SB0544 2020RS-SB0800
SB0553 2021RS-HB0327 2020RS-HB0763
SB0561 2019RS-SB0409 2018RS-SB0498
SB0577 2021RS-SB0665
SB0581 2021RS-SB0178
SB0588 2021RS-SB0228
SB0596 2019RS-SB0458
SB0597 2021RS-SB0171 2020RS-SB0577
SB0602 2020RS-SB0574
SB0603 2021RS-SB0763
SB0615 2021RS-HB0659 2020RS-SB0178 2019RS-SB0526
SB0616 2019RS-SB0548
SB0617 2021RS-SB0921
SB0619 2021RS-SB0385
SB0622 2021RS-SB0730
SB0631 2021RS-SB0412
SB0653 2021RS-SB0672 2020RS-SB0870
SB0654 2021RS-SB0948
SB0666 2021RS-SB0098
SB0670 2020RS-SB0566
SB0674 2021RS-SB0618
SB0678 2021RS-SB0781
SB0702 2020RS-SB0317
SB0707 2020RS-SB0484
SB0712 2020RS-SB0034 2019RS-SB0490 2018RS-SB1047
SB0720 2020RS-HB0707
SB0726 2021RS-SB0362
SB0732 2021RS-HB0026
SB0742 2021RS-HB0759
SB0745 2021RS-SB0712 2020RS-SB0237 2019RS-SB0981 2018RS-SB0439 2017RS-HB1410 2016RS-HB0559
SB0748 2021RS-SB0431
SB0765 2011RS-SB0636
SB0782 2021RS-SB0896
SB0784 2021RS-HB0488
SB0795 2021RS-SB0538
SB0799 2021RS-SB0538
SB0836 2021RS-SB0924
SB0842 2020RS-HB0323
SB0846 2021RS-SB0709
SB0853 2021RS-SB0698
SB0877 2021RS-SB0760
SB0881 2020RS-SB0635
SB0897 2021RS-SB0124
SB0900 2021RS-SB0799
SB0903 2021RS-SB0549
SB0926 2021RS-SB0131
SB0927 2019RS-SB0655
SB0935 2021RS-SB0929
SB0939 2017RS-HB1496
SB0952 2021RS-SB0851 2020RS-HB0410
SB0959 2021RS-HB1001
SB0964 2021RS-SB0194
SB0973 2019RS-SB0884
SB0979 2020RS-SB0437
SB0989 2021RS-HB0746
SB1002 2021RS-SB0544
SB1003 2021RS-SB0305
SJ0006 2021RS-SJ0006
SJ0009 2014RS-SJ0009
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