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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 40

MARCH 8, 2016 - SESSION 1
March 8, 2016
Message from the Senate: Introductory Senate Bills No. 25
Senate Bills Introduced In The House
SB 266
Senator Salling
Environment and Transportation
Hunting - Deer - Penalties
Appropriations Committee Report No. 6
Distribution Date: March 7, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 8, 2016
HB 309
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Busch
Prince George's County Regional Medical Center Act of 2016
HB 381
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Barnes, B.
State Retirement and Pension System - Board of Trustees - Designee Appointments and Fiduciary Duties
HB 926
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Lierman
Optional Retirement Program - Eligibility - Alterations
HB 1002
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Barnes, B.
Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones
HB 1149
Favorable with Amendments Frederick County Delegation
Frederick Center for Research and Education in Science and Technology - Funding
HB 1581
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable with Amendments Harford County Delegation
Harford County Deputy Sheriff Patrick Dailey Benefits Memorial Act
HB 1587
Unfavorable Delegate West
Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore County - The Maryland Regional Agricultural Arena and Learning Center
Environment and Transportation Committee Report No. 3
Distribution Date: March 7, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 8, 2016
HB 132
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Lafferty
State Government - Pollinator Habitat Plans
HB 169
(Emergency Bill)
Favorable Carroll County Delegation
Carroll County - Turkey Hunting on Private Property - Sundays
HB 234
Favorable Delegate Grammer
State Highways - Electronic Map of State Roads by State Legislative District
HB 373
Favorable Delegate Stein
Motor Vehicles - Passenger Seat Belt Requirement - Primary Offense
HB 410
Favorable with Amendments Delegate O'Donnell
Natural Resources - Poaching Restitution Act of 2016
HB 443
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo
Agriculture - Industrial Hemp - Agricultural or Academic Research
HB 766
Favorable with Amendments Chair, Environment and Transportation Committee
Natural Resources - Fish and Fisheries
HB 392
Unfavorable Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo
Vehicle Laws - Special Registration Plates - Retired Law Enforcement Officers
HB 1146
Unfavorable Montgomery County Delegation
Montgomery County - Foreclosed Property Registry - Civil Penalty for Failure to Register MC 33-16
HB 425
Unfavorable Delegate Morgan
Vehicle Laws - Registration Plates - Vehicle Manufactured Without Means to Display Front Plate
HB 436
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, W.
Vehicle Laws - Speed Monitoring, Work Zone Speed Control, and Traffic Control Signal Monitoring Systems - Repeal
HB 559
Unfavorable Delegate Bromwell
Vehicle Laws - Protective Headgear Requirement for Motorcycle Riders - Exception
HB 181
Unfavorable Delegate Tarlau
(Referred to Interim Study)
Motor Vehicles - Registration Cards - Digital or Electronic Images
HB 562
Unfavorable Delegate Carr
(Referred to Interim Study)
Speed Monitoring Systems - Exclusion of Vehicle Rental Companies - Repeal
HB 980
Unfavorable Delegate Gilchrist
(Referred to Interim Study)
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners - Disciplinary Action Report - Publication on Web Site
Environment and Transportation Committee Report No. 4
Distribution Date: March 7, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 8, 2016
HB 505
Favorable with Amendments Charles County Delegation
(Jointly Considered Environment and Transportation/Appropriations)
Charles County Sheriff - Salaries and Collective Bargaining
HB 627
Favorable Delegate Gilchrist
Vehicle Laws - Drivers' Education Schools and Instructors
HB 688
Favorable Delegate Lam
Vehicle Laws - Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device - Definition
HB 849
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Sample-Hughes
Public Safety - Rental Dwelling Units - Carbon Monoxide Alarms
HB 989
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Holmes
Residential Real Property - Sales Contracts - Notice of Water and Sewer Charges
HB 1059
Favorable Delegate Morales
Landlord and Tenant - Security Deposit - Contents of Lease
HB 1161
Favorable Delegate Lisanti
Municipalities - Boat Docking and Storage - User Fees - Authorized Uses
HB 635
Unfavorable Delegate Lam
Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program - Recall or Remediation - Documentation of Repairs
HB 896
Unfavorable Delegate Conaway
Drivers' Licenses and Identification Cards - Notation of Consent to Experimental Emergency Medical Treatment
HB 961
Unfavorable Delegate Jacobs
Federal-Aid Primary Highways - Signs
HB 1011
Unfavorable Delegate Gaines
Department of Transportation - Modal Administrations - Appointments
HB 1222
Unfavorable Delegate Adams
Dorchester County - Recycling at Special Events - Exemptions
HB 426
Unfavorable Delegate Carr
Vehicle Laws - Bicycles and Motor Scooters - Use of Bike Lanes
HB 608
Unfavorable Delegate Adams
Landlord and Tenant - Installation of Satellite Dish on Residential Rental Property
HB 611
Unfavorable Delegate Carr
Vehicle Laws - Civil Penalty for Failure to Pay Video Toll - Limitation
HB 663
(Constitutional Amendment)
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, S.
Constitution - Local Government - Legal Notices
HB 666
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, S.
Local Governments - Legal Notice Requirements
HB 679
Unfavorable Delegate Cluster
Vehicle Laws - Cats and Dogs Left Unattended - Authorized Removal
HB 732
Unfavorable Delegate Malone
Drivers' Licenses, Identification Cards, and Moped Operators' Permits - Enhanced Identification Documents
HB 742
Unfavorable Delegate Washington, M.
Environment - Water Service Shut Off Protection Act
HB 1060
Unfavorable Delegate Morales
Model Residential Leases - Required Contents
HB 1080
Unfavorable Delegate Cullison
Condominiums and Homeowners Associations - Amendments to Governing Documents
HB 1170
Unfavorable Delegate Frush
Condominiums - Warranty Claims
HB 1176
Unfavorable Delegate Krimm
Rental Deposit Assistance Loan Programs and Fund
Judiciary Committee Report No. 4
Distribution Date: March 7, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 8, 2016
HB 74
Favorable Speaker
Judgeships - Circuit Courts and District Court
HB 190
Favorable Delegate Lierman
Civil Penalties for Shoplifting and Employee Theft - Repeal
HB 263
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Rosenberg
Civil Actions - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation
HB 359
Favorable Delegate Dumais
Criminal Procedure - Charges Against Correctional Officer - Review by State's Attorney
HB 606
Favorable Delegate Dumais
Patient Safety Early Intervention Programs
HB 612
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Vallario
Manslaughter by Motor Vehicle or Vessel - Penalty
HB 649
Favorable Delegate Anderson
Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights - Extension of Time for Review and Final Order by Chief
HB 661
Favorable Delegate Conaway
Public Safety - Law Enforcement Officers - Firearm Cameras
HB 773
Favorable Delegate Valentino-Smith
Drunk and Drugged Driving - Evidence of Blood Test
HB 822
Favorable Delegate Atterbeary
Criminal Law - Altering References From Mentally Defective to Substantially Cognitively Impaired Individual
HB 1342
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Kramer
Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016 (Noah's Law)
HB 465
Unfavorable Delegate Cluster
Public Safety - Retired Law Enforcement Officer Identification Card - Failure to Issue
HB 818
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, A.
(Jointly Considered Judiciary/Economic Matters)
Civil Actions - Liability for Personal Injury or Property Damage Caused by Tree
HB 43
Unfavorable Delegate Saab
Duties of Guardian of the Person and Visitation Between Adult Child and Parent
HB 47
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, B.
Operating a Vehicle or Vessel - Injury to Others While Under the Influence of or Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs
HB 182
Unfavorable Delegate Valentino-Smith
Vehicle Laws - Accidents Resulting in Injury - Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing
HB 304
Unfavorable Delegate Sydnor
Juvenile Court - Jurisdiction
HB 519
Unfavorable Delegate Smith
Courts - Statute of Limitations - Civil Actions Arising Out of Human Rights Abuses
HB 628
Unfavorable Delegate Moon
Criminal Procedure - Traffic Stops - Officer Disclosures
HB 735
Unfavorable Delegate Dumais
Manslaughter and Homicide by Vehicle or Vessel
HB 754
Unfavorable Delegate Carter
Law Enforcement Officers - Disciplinary Actions - Written Policy
HB 874
Unfavorable Delegate Carter
Criminal Procedure - Homicide Investigations - Procedures (Joseph's Law)
HB 876
Unfavorable Delegate Carter
Public Safety - District Court Commissioner - Complaints of Police Brutality
HB 933
Unfavorable Delegate Wilson, C.
Criminal Law - Assault in the Second Degree - Educators
HB 1202
Unfavorable Delegate McComas
Criminal Procedure - Petition for Writ of Actual Innocence - Appeal Right
HB 1306
Unfavorable Delegate Ciliberti
Habitual Drunk Driver - Mandatory Minimum Penalty and Vehicle Forfeiture
HB 1364
Unfavorable Delegate Smith
Drugged Driving or Operation of Vessel - Polysubstance Abuse
HB 1441
Unfavorable Delegate Glass
Public Safety - Law Enforcement - Protective Headgear While in Custody
HB 1443
Unfavorable Delegate Glass
Public Safety - Law Enforcement Agencies - Vehicle and Officer Identification Requirements (Police Identification and Accountability Act of 2016)
Ways and Means Committee Report No. 5
Distribution Date: March 7, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 8, 2016
HB 202
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Bromwell
Gaming Payouts - Donation of Coins - Maryland Veterans Trust Fund
HB 344
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Afzali
Voter Registration - Affiliation With Political Party and Participation in Primary Election, Caucus, or Convention
HB 378
Favorable Delegate Tarlau
Homeowners' Property Tax Credit Program - Eligibility Awareness Campaign
HB 385
Favorable Delegate Anderson
Baltimore City - Abandoned Property - Tax Sales - Ground Rent
HB 873
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Smith
Election Law - Special Elections - Absentee Ballots for Absent Uniformed Services Voters and Overseas Voters
HB 1148
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Gilchrist
Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Retirement Income
HB 694
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, A.
Sales and Use Tax - Tax-Free Period - Emergency Preparedness Equipment
HB 750
Unfavorable Delegate Miller, A.
(Jointly Considered Ways and Means/Economic Matters)
Public Schools - Electronic Smoking Devices - Policy and Disciplinary Standards
HB 993
Unfavorable Delegate Saab
Anne Arundel County - Board of Education - Selection of Members
HB 1368
Unfavorable Delegate Howard, S.
Commission on Office Discipline Referrals in Anne Arundel County Public Schools
HB 1475
Unfavorable Delegate McMillan
(Jointly Considered Environment and Transportation/Ways and Means)
Municipalities - Vacant and Blighted Buildings - Registration, Remediation, and Taxation
HB 729
Unfavorable Delegate Vogt
Taxation - Prohibition on Exemptions and Credits for Organizations Having Known Ties to Terrorism (Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act)
March 7, 2016
Calendar of Third Reading House Bills No. 19
To Be Taken Up On March 8, 2016
HB 66
Chair, Appropriations Committee
Residential Child Care Capital Grant Program - Repeal
HB 164
Chair, Appropriations Committee
State Personnel Management System - Background Investigation and Criminal History Records Check - Prospective and Current Employees
HB 280
Delegate Moon
Health and Government Operations
Birth Certificates - Homeless Individuals - Prohibition on Collection of Fee
HB 352
Delegate Ghrist
Office of Legislative Audits - Local School System Audits - Repeal
HB 684
Delegate Hammen
Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative Program - Codified
March 7, 2016
Calendar of Third Reading Senate Bills No. 1
To Be Taken Up On March 8, 2016
SB 506
(Emergency Bill)
Rules and Executive Nominations
Annual Corrective Bill
SB 507
(Emergency Bill)
Rules and Executive Nominations
Annual Curative Bill

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