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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 36

MARCH 2, 2016 - SESSION 1
March 2, 2016
Introductory House Bills No. 43
HB 1617
Delegate Young, P.
Rules and Executive Nominations
State Government - Maryland Veterans Commission - Membership
HB 1618
Delegate Hammen
Rules and Executive Nominations
Cigarette Restitution Fund - Establishment of Behavioral Health Treatment Account and Funding for Substance Use Treatment Services
HB 1619
Delegate Jackson
Rules and Executive Nominations
Workers' Compensation Insurance - Premium Discount - Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace Program
HB 1620
Delegate Jackson
Rules and Executive Nominations
Community Colleges - Vocational Certificates and Associate's Degrees - Tuition Waiver
HB 1621
Delegate Oaks
Rules and Executive Nominations
Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Berean Child Care Center
March 2, 2016
Message from the Senate: Introductory Senate Bills No. 20
Senate Bills Introduced In The House
SB 226
Senator Simonaire
Economic Matters
Professional Engineers - Engineering Documents Prepared at the Request of the State or Political Subdivision of the State - Signing and Sealing
SB 281
Chair, Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee
Health and Government Operations
State Government - Members of the National Guard - Active Duty - Employment Protection
SB 393
Senator Nathan-Pulliam
Health and Government Operations
Maryland Nurse Practice Act - Peer Review and Advisory Committees and Penalties
SB 460
Senator Conway
Health and Government Operations
Health Occupations - Dental Hygienists - Local Anesthesia
SB 469
Senator McFadden
Health and Government Operations
State Board of Pharmacy - Licensure Requirements for Pharmacists - Proof of Proficiency in English
SB 750
Senator Klausmeier
Economic Matters
Portable Electronics Insurance - Compensation of Vendor Employees - Repeal of Sunset and Reporting Requirement
SB 811
Senator Benson
Economic Matters
Electric Companies - Installation of Solar Electric Generating Facility - Completion of Interconnection
SB 825
Senator Conway
Health and Government Operations
Health Occupations - Dental Hygienists - Administration of Nitrous Oxide
SB 851
Senator Astle
Economic Matters
Property and Casualty Insurance - Commercial Policies and Workers' Compensation Insurance Policies - Notices of Premium Increases
SB 882
Senator Jennings
Economic Matters
Economic Development - Northeastern Maryland Additive Manufacturing Innovation Authority
March 2, 2016
Message from the Senate: Introductory Senate Bills No. 21
Senate Bills Introduced In The House
SB 309
Senator Mathias
Environment and Transportation
Motor Vehicle Registration - Exception for Golf Carts - City of Crisfield
SB 349
Senator Edwards
Ways and Means
Maryland Income Tax Refunds - Allegany, Carroll, Cecil, Garrett, and Harford Counties - Warrant Intercept Program
SB 397
Senator Norman
Civil Actions and Procedures - Garnishments - Spousal Property
SB 647
(Emergency Bill)
Senator Klausmeier
Health and Government Operations
Physicians - Prescriptions Written by Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners - Preparing and Dispensing
Health and Government Operations Committee Report No. 3
Distribution Date: March 1, 2016
Second Reading Date: March 2, 2016
HB 5
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Shoemaker
Department of General Services - Declaration and Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property - Government House Furnishings
HB 124
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Hammen
Health Insurance - Large Employers - Disclosure of Aggregate Incurred Claims
HB 280
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Moon
Birth Certificates - Homeless Individuals - Prohibition on Collection of Fee
HB 364
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Dumais
Petitions for Emergency Evaluation - Minors - Sealing of Court Records
HB 470
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Krebs
Health Occupations - Dental Hygienists - Administration of Nitrous Oxide
HB 497
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Hammen
Health Occupations - Environmental Health Specialists - Regulation
HB 803
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Rosenberg
Life Insurance - Freedom to Travel Act
HB 236
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, B.
Minority Business Enterprises - Transitioning From Subcontractors to Prime Contractors - Study and Report
HB 282
Unfavorable Delegate Robinson, B.
Procurement Preferences - Small Businesses and Minority Business Enterprises - Workshop Requirement
HB 485
Unfavorable Delegate Miele
Estates and Trusts - Register of Wills - Admission of Copy of Executed Will
HB 714
Unfavorable Delegate Pena-Melnyk
Nursing Homes - Health Care Quality Account - Adoption and Use of Electronic Health Records
HB 270
Unfavorable Delegate Carozza
General Provisions - Commemorative Months - Maryland Sportsmanship Month
HB 303
Unfavorable Delegate Malone
State Designations - State Tartan
March 2, 2016
Special Order Calendar No. 15
HB 27
Delegate Haynes
STATUS: (Appropriations)
Education - Community Colleges - Collective Bargaining

Favorable Report as Amended ADOPTED.

Floor Amendment by Del. A. Miller ADOPTED.

Motion by Del. Krebs to make Bill as Amended a Special Order of Business for Wednesday, March 2, at the appropriate time. CARRIED.



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March 3, 2016 8:52 AM
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