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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 61

APRIL 6, 2015 - SESSION 1
April 6, 2015
Message from the Senate: Yeas and Nays No. 7
House Bills Passed In The Senate
HB 5
Delegate O'Donnell
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Newborn Screening Program Fund - Establishment
HB 35
Delegate Barkley
Public Service Commission - Hearing Examiners - Change of Job Title
HB 48
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Clerks of the Circuit Courts - Collection of Appearance Fees
HB 49
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Clerks of the Circuit Courts - Water and Sewer Lien Registers - Fees
HB 50
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Active Armed Forces Member - Exemption From Payment of Fees for Certain Court Records
HB 68
State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
HB 83
Delegate Krebs
Public Records - Inspection
HB 90
Montgomery County Delegation
Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - License Requirements MC 17-15
HB 115
Carroll County Delegation
Carroll County - Correctional Officers' Bill of Rights
HB 124
Delegate Anderson
Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Conviction of a Crime That Is No Longer a Crime
HB 129
Delegate Morhaim
Procurement - Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Participation - Award of Contracts
HB 131
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Criminal Procedure - Transfer to Juvenile Court - Petition for Expungement
HB 150
Delegate Morhaim
Secretary of State and Attorney General - Charitable Enforcement and Protection of Charitable Assets - Workgroup Reports - Extension
HB 170
Delegate Beitzel
Natural Resources - Game Birds - Baiting
HB 171
Delegate Afzali
Courts - Child Abuse and Neglect - Waiver of Reunification Efforts (Anayah's Law)
HB 173
Anne Arundel County Delegation
Workers' Compensation - Heart Disease and Hypertension Presumption - Anne Arundel County Detention Officers
HB 200
Delegate Cluster
State Correctional Facilities - Correctional Officers - Polygraph Examination
HB 201
Delegate Robinson, S.
Vehicle Laws - Special Registration Plates and Parking Placards for Individuals With Disabilities - Licensed Physical Therapists
HB 224
Delegate Dumais
Domestic Violence - 2-Year Protective Order
HB 229
Delegate Dumais
Human Relations - Employment Discrimination - Protection for Interns
HB 230
Delegate Hammen
Health Insurance - Assignment of Benefits and Reimbursement of Nonpreferred Providers - Repeal of Termination Date
HB 231
Delegate Hammen
Developmental Disabilities Administration - Low Intensity Support Services - Definition
HB 287
Delegate O'Donnell
Natural Resources - Aquaculture - Liability for Trespass
HB 358
Delegate Jameson
Workers' Compensation Insurance - Cancellation and Nonrenewal - Notice
HB 369
Caroline County Delegation
Public Safety - Appointment of Members of Fire Companies as Deputy Sheriffs - Caroline County and Talbot County
HB 388
(Emergency Bill)
Delegate Dumais
Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council
HB 439
Delegate Washington, M.
Family Law - Information and Services for Foster Children and Former Foster Children
HB 450
Delegate Carr
State Highway Administration - Bicycle and Pedestrian Priority Areas
HB 462
Delegate Young, K.
Public Safety - Statewide Accounting of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
HB 468
Delegate Jameson
Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company
HB 506
Delegate Anderson
Baltimore City - Vehicle Laws - Traffic Safety
HB 529
Delegate Clippinger
Criminal Law - Identity Fraud - Name of the Individual
HB 542
Delegate O'Donnell
Circuit Court for Calvert County - Fees for Appearance of Counsel
HB 558
Delegate Clippinger
Financial Institutions - Depository Institutions - Savings Promotion Raffles
HB 565
Delegate Bromwell
Insurance - Surplus Lines - Disability Insurance
HB 592
Delegate Morhaim
State Donor Registry - Information and Methods of Registration - Clerks of Circuit Courts, Registers of Wills, and Motor Vehicle Administration (Enhancing Organ Donation Rates Act)
HB 602
Delegate Glenn
University of Maryland School of Medicine - Workgroup to Study Issues Related to Uterine Fibroids
HB 623
Delegate Miele
Estates - Modified Administration - Final Report and Distribution - Extension
HB 643
Delegate Zucker
Department of Human Resources - State Child Welfare System - Report
HB 660
Delegate Zucker
Health Insurance - Expense Reimbursement Claims Forms - Methods for Submission
HB 666
Delegate Miele
Maryland Trust Act - Revocable Trusts - Creditors' Claims - Limitations
HB 697
Delegate Davis
Life Insurers - Reserve Investments - Loans Secured by Real Estate
HB 703
Delegate Miele
Estates and Trusts - Maryland Trust Act - Incapacity
HB 732
Delegate Vaughn
Insurance - Motor Vehicle Rental Companies - Limited Lines License to Sell Insurance
HB 739
Delegate Kelly
Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health
HB 782
Delegate McMillan
Real Property - Residential Leases - Interest on Security Deposits
HB 793
Washington County Delegation
Washington County - County Clerk
HB 846
Delegate Vogt
Motor Vehicle Administration - Commercial Driver's License - Program for Veterans and Service Members (Troops to Trucks)
HB 859
(Emergency Bill)
Delegate Bromwell
Nonprofit Health Service Plans - Hearing and Order - Impact of Law or Regulatory Action by Another State
HB 895
Baltimore County Delegation
Baltimore County - Education - Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructors
HB 917
Delegate Kramer
Motor Vehicles - Checkpoints - Prohibition on Targeting Motorcycles
HB 919
Delegate Lafferty
Land Use - Plans - Development and Adoption
HB 932
Prince George's County Delegation
Prince George's County - City of College Park - Class D Beer and Wine License PG 317-15
HB 971
Delegate Oaks
Public Health - Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Partnership Fund
HB 1009
Delegate Smith
Criminal Procedure - Immunity - Alcohol- or Drug-Related Medical Emergencies
April 3, 2015
Message from the Senate: Introductory Senate Bills No. 37
Senate Bills Introduced In The House
SB 422
Senator Rosapepe
Rules and Executive Nominations
General Provisions - Commemorative Days - South Asian American Heritage Day
SB 889
Senator Conway
Rules and Executive Nominations
General Provisions - Commemorative Days - Thurgood Marshall Day
SB 912
Senator Hershey
Rules and Executive Nominations
Kent County - Prospective Employees and Volunteers - Criminal History Records Check
SB 922
Senator Serafini
Rules and Executive Nominations
City of Hagerstown - Alcoholic Beverages - Outdoor Festivals and Street Festival Licenses
Judiciary Committee Report No. 17
Distribution Date: April 6, 2015
Second Reading Date: April 6, 2015
HB 1289
Favorable with Amendments Delegate Dumais
Maryland Uniform Interstate Family Support Act - Revision
Ways and Means Committee Report No. 18
Distribution Date: April 6, 2015
Second Reading Date: April 6, 2015
SB 5
Favorable with Amendments Senator Bates
Election Law - Canvass of Votes - Public Observation
SB 204
Favorable with Amendments Senator Conway
Election Law - Primary Election Dates in the Presidential Election Year
SB 755
Favorable with Amendments Senator Simonaire
Election Law - Campaign Finance - Central Committee Candidates
SB 767
Favorable with Amendments Senator Conway
Ethics Law - Statement by Person Providing Lobbyist Compensation and Making Campaign Contributions
Ways and Means Committee Report No. 19
Distribution Date: April 6, 2015
Second Reading Date: April 6, 2015
HB 980
Favorable with Amendments Delegate McCray
Election Law - Voting Rights - Ex-Felons
SB 340
Favorable with Amendments Senator Conway
Election Law - Voting Rights - Ex-Felons
April 3, 2015
Message from the Senate: Concurrence Calendar No. 2
House Bills Amended In The Senate
HB 67
  Calendar No. 26
General Assembly - Mandated Reports by State Agencies
HB 1233
  Calendar No. 25
Tax Amnesty Program

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