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Senate Agenda for Proceedings No. 16

JANUARY 30, 2014 - SESSION 1
January 30, 2014
SB 573 Sen. Frosh Real Property - Condominiums - Appointment of Receiver JPR
SB 574 Sen. Jones-Rodwell Creation of a State Debt - Baltimore City - Garrett-Jacobs Mansion B&T
SB 575 Sen. Jones-Rodwell State Retirement and Pension System - Code Simplification and Clarification B&T
SB 576 Sen. Jones-Rodwell Teachers' Ret and Pension Syss - Reemployment of Retirees - Penalty for Failure to Submit Certfn B&T
SB 577 Sen. Astle Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - State Facilities - Cemeteries FIN
SB 578 Sen. Reilly Ed - Partnshp for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) - Impl Timeline EHE
SB 579 Sen. Reilly Education - Evaluation of Teachers and Principals - Implementation Timeline EHE
SB 580 Sen. Shank Health - Reporting of Death and Burial or Disposal of Body - Requirements and Penalties JPR & FIN
SB 581 Sen. Shank Correctional Services - Diminution Credits - Sentence of 30 Days or Less JPR
SB 582 Sen. Stone Election Law - Redistricting Ballot Questions - Map of Proposed Districts EHE
SB 583 Sen. Kelley Financial Instns - Interest Payable on Escrow Accounts and Specific Purpose Savings Accounts FIN
SB 584 Sen. Astle Public Safety - Handgun Identification Requirements - Repeal JPR
SB 585 Sen. Middleton Commercial Law - Patent Infringement - Assertions Made in Bad Faith FIN
SB 586 Sen. Conway State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors - Funeral Establishments - Unannounced Inspections EHE
SB 587 Sen. Conway State Board of Examiners in Optometry - Cease and Desist Orders, Injunctive Relief, and Penalties EHE
SB 588 Sen. Rosapepe General Provisions - Commemorative Days - South Asian American Heritage Day EHE
SB 589 Sen. Jones-Rodwell Tobacco Taxes - Healthy Maryland Initiative B&T & FIN
SB 590 Sen. Brinkley Income Tax - Pass-Through Entity - Maximum Rate B&T
SB 591 Sen. Simonaire Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Fishery - Allocation of Commercial Quota EHE
SB 592 Sen. Jones-Rodwell DHMH - Community Health Workers - Certification and Reimbursement FIN
SB 593 Sen. Rosapepe State Government - Commemorative Months - American Indian Heritage Month EHE
SB 594 Sen. Astle Hepatitis C - Opportunity for Testing and Follow-Up Health Care FIN
SB 595 Sen. Peters Local Govt - Restrictions on Income-Producing Real Property - Fiscal Impact Review B&T
SB 596 Sen. Peters Income Tax Subtraction Modification - Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief - Extension B&T
SB 597 Sen. Peters Creation of a State Debt - Calvert County - End Hunger Warehouse B&T
SB 598 Sen. Edwards Creation of a State Debt - Garrett County - HART Animal Center B&T
SB 599 Sen. Edwards Creation of a State Debt - Allegany Co - Allegany Co Animal Shelter Adoption and Care Center B&T
SB 600 Sen. Pugh Regional Institution Strategic Enterprise Zone Program B&T
SB 601 Sen. Miller Business and Economic Development - Maryland E-Nnovation Initiative Program B&T
SB 602 The President Maryland Estate Tax - Unified Credit B&T
SB 603 Sen. DeGrange Econ Dev - Md Technology Dev Corpn - Cybersecurity Investment Fund FIN
SB 604 Sen. Manno Income Tax Forms - Graphical Representation of General Fund Expenditures B&T
SB 605 Sen. Edwards Property Tax Credit - Upper Stories of Commercial Structures - Rehabilitation B&T
SB 606 Sen. Robey Developmental Disabilities Administration - Deputy Secretary - Establishment FIN
SB 607 Sen. Shank Child Abuse and Neglect - Failure to Report and Training JPR
SB 608 Sen. Shank Correctional Services - Swift and Certain Sanctions Pilot Program - Expansion JPR
SB 609 Sen. Jennings Environment - Bay Restoration Fee - Mobile Home Park EHE
SB 610 Sen. Jennings National Guard - Tuition Assistance - Members of Disbanded Units EHE
January 30, 2014
SB 611 Calvert Co. Senators Calvert County - Alcoholic Beverages - Special Event (Charity) Beer, Wine and Liquor License EHE
SB 612 Calvert Co. Senators Calvert County - Salaries of County Officials and County Commissioner Retirement Plan Participation EHE
SB 613 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Hotel Rental Tax - Transient Charge B&T
SB 614 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Payment of Wages EHE
SB 615 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Gaming Permits B&T
SB 616 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Property Tax - Exemption for Property Owned by Affordable Housing Land Trust B&T
SB 617 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Sheriff - Salary JPR
SB 618 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Country Inn Licenses EHE
SB 619 Sen. Brinkley Frederick County - Alcoholic Beverages - Organizational Licenses EHE
SB 620 Sen. Kelley Mental Health - Approval by Clinical Review Panel of Administration of Medication - Standard FIN
SB 621 Sen. Frosh Estates and Trusts - Elective Share of Surviving Spouse - Augmented Estate JPR
SB 622 Sen. Middleton Health Insurance - Step Therapy or Fail-First Protocol FIN
SB 623 Sen. Brochin Creation of a St Debt - Baltimore Co - Lutherville Vol Fire Cmpny Station Expansion B&T
SB 624 Sen. Feldman Insurance - Title Insurers - Title Insurance Commitment and Binders FIN
SB 625 Sen. Feldman Commission on Tax Policy, Reform, and Fairness B&T
SB 626 Sen. Madaleno University System of Maryland - Pay It Forward Pilot Program and Tuition Freeze - Studies B&T & EHE
SB 627 Sen. Madaleno Special Taxing Districts - Transp Improvements and Exemp From Co Tax Limitations B&T
SB 628 Sen. Madaleno Task Force to Study the Needs and Expenditures of State Programs B&T
SB 629 Sen. Madaleno Counties and Municipalities - Vehicle Registration Fee Surcharge B&T
SB 630 Sen. Madaleno Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Student Loan Debt B&T
SB 631 Sen. Madaleno Environment - Retail Service Stations - Setback Certification FIN
SB 632 Sen. Madaleno Income Tax Credit - Student Loan Payments B&T
SB 633 Sen. DeGrange Maryland Education Credit B&T
SB 634 Sen. Glassman Task Force to Review Property Tax Assessment Procedures and the Assessment Appeals Process B&T
SB 635 Sen. Simonaire Anne Arundel County - School Board - Membership EHE
SB 636 Sen. Simonaire Anne Arundel Co Bd of Ed - Method for Selection of Mbrs (Listen to the People Act of 2014) EHE
SB 637 Sen. Simonaire Anne Arundel County - Board of Education Member - Limitation on Candidacy for Other Elective Office EHE
SB 638 Sen. Simonaire Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Board of License Commissioners EHE
SB 639 Sen. Simonaire Anne Arundel Co - St's Atty and Deputy, Asst, and Temp Asst St's Attys - Annual Salary and Comp JPR
SB 640 Sen. Raskin Motor Vehicles - Checkpoints - Prohibition on Targeting Motorcycles JPR
SB 641 Sen. Mathias Kathleen A. Mathias Oral Chemotherapy Improvement Act of 2014 FIN
SB 642 Sen. Mathias Hlth Ins - Assignment of Bnfts & Reimb of Nonprefrd Prvdrs - Rpl of Rptg Reqmt & Termin Date FIN
SB 643 Howard Co. Senators Creation of a State Debt - Howard County - Community Action Council Food Bank Facility B&T
SB 644 Sen. Ferguson State Government - Open Data Policy - Council on Open Data SRU
SB 645 Sen. Ferguson State Govt - State Bds and Commissions - Appts of Mbrs of Nonprincipal Political Parties EHE
January 30, 2014
SJ 5 Sen. Simonaire Commemoration of the 60th Annvrsy of the Addition of "Under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance EHE
Distribution Date: January 29, 2014
Second Reading Date: January 30, 2014
Report Number: 14-003

Favorable Report
SB 183 (Emergency Bill) FAV The Pres (DLS) Annual Curative Bill
SB 184 (Emergency Bill) FAV The Pres (DLS) Annual Corrective Bill
Distribution Date: January 29, 2014
Third Reading Date: January 30, 2014
SB 35 Sen. Shank Family Law - Domestic Violence Incident Report - Dissemination JPR
SB 37 Carroll Co. Senators Carroll County - Gaming B&T
SB 40 Carroll Co. Senators Courts and Judicial Proceedings - Circuit Court for Carroll Co - Fees for Appearance of Counsel JPR
SB 76 Sen. Colburn Dorchester County Sanitary Commission - Enforcement of Liens - Tax Sale Authorization B&T
SB 114 Ch., Jud. Proceed. Public Safety - Internal Investigative Unit - Name Change and Duties JPR
SB 152
(Emergency Bill)
Sen. Colburn Md Consoldtd Capital Bond Ln of 2013 - Dorchester Co - Cambridge Marine Terminal Redevelopment B&T

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March 11, 2014 9:55 A.M.
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