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Senate Agenda for Proceedings No. 12

JANUARY 24, 2014 - SESSION 1
January 24, 2014
17th Day of Session
SB 412 Sen. Dyson Hlth Occups - Lic'd Dentists Who Prepare and Dispnse Antibiotics - Exclusion From Md Phrmcy Act EHE
SB 413 Sen. Dyson Hlth Occups - Dentists With Prmts to Prepare and Dispense Den Prods - Exclusion From Md Phrmcy Act EHE
SB 414 Sen. Kelley General Assembly - Legislative Redistricting - Plans to be Introduced as a Bill SRU
SB 415 Sen. Klausmeier Morticians and Funeral Directors - Pre-Need Contracts EHE
SB 416 Sen. Astle HMOs - Payments to Nonparticipating Providers - Repeal of Termin Date FIN
SB 417 Sen. DeGrange Sales and Use Tax - Tax-Free Weekend - Exemption for Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lights B&T
SB 418 Sen. Middleton Developmental Disabilities Administration - Low Intensity Support Services - Funding FIN
SB 419 Sen. Manno Libraries - Maryland Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped - Funding B&T
SB 420 Sen. Edwards Alcoholic Beverages - Garrett County - Beer Festival Licenses EHE
SB 421 Sen. Kittleman General Assembly - Housing Allowance - Restriction on Use SRU
SB 422 Sen. Kittleman Public Ethics Laws - Meals - Regulated Lobbyist Reporting Requirements EHE
SB 423 Sen. Kasemeyer Tax Overpayment - Interest on Refunds B&T
SB 424 Howard Co. Senators Creation of a State Debt - Howard County - Shaded Structures for Playgrounds Ho. Co. 7-14 B&T
SB 425 Howard Co. Senators Creatn of a St Dbt - How Co - Historic Belmont Prop and Historic Garden Restor Ho. Co. 6-14 B&T
SB 426 Howard Co. Senators Creation of a State Debt - Howard County - Head Start Program Retrofitting Ho. Co. 5-14 B&T
SB 427 Howard Co. Senators Creation of a State Debt - Howard County - Day Resource Center Ho. Co. 4-14 B&T
SB 428 Sen. King Criminal Law - Gaming - Home Games JPR
SB 429 Sen. King Vehicle Laws - Intercounty Connector - Maximum Speed Limit JPR
SB 430 Sen. King Libraries - Regional Resource Centers and County Public Libraries - Funding B&T
SB 431 Sen. Getty Education - Bridge to Excellence - State Hold-Harmless Requirement B&T
SB 432 Sen. Pugh Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Database of Direct Access Employees - Establishment FIN
SB 433 Sen. Dyson Public Health - Newborn Screening Program - Lysosomal Storage Disorders FIN
SB 434 Sen. Frosh Peace Orders and Protective Orders - Extensions JPR
SB 435 Sen. Frosh Civil Actions - Damages for Crimes Against Vulnerable or Elderly Adults - Standing JPR
SB 436 Sen. Frosh Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights - Hearing Board - Exclusion of Evidence JPR
SB 437 Sen. Frosh Nonresident Recreational Fishing and Crabbing Licenses - Oyster Restoration Surcharge EHE
SB 438 Sen. Mathias Municipal Elections - Inclusion of Offices and Questions on the State Ballot EHE
SB 439 Sen. Mathias Creation of a State Debt - Somerset County - Janes Island Project B&T
SB 440 Sen. Mathias Somerset Co - Service Award Program for Emergency Medical Services and Fire and Rescue Pers EHE
SB 441 Sen. Mathias Worcester County - Bingo Board - Repeal B&T
SB 442 Sen. Colburn Vehicle Laws - Law Enforcement Vehicles - Tinted Windows JPR
SB 443 Sen. Colburn Vehicle Laws - Hidden Compartments - Prohibition and Penalties JPR
SB 444 Sen. Colburn Family Law - Denial of Custody or Visitation - Sexual Abuse of a Minor JPR
SB 445 Sen. Colburn Alcoholic Beverages - Micro-Breweries - Annual Production Limit EHE
SB 446 Sen. Conway Comm on Accessibility Concepts in Cmptr Science, Info Systems, and Info Tech Pgms in Hghr Ed EHE
SB 447 Sen. Conway Public Ethics - Members of the General Assembly - Presumption of a Conflict - Clients EHE
SB 448 Sen. Conway Bd of Prof Cnslrs and Thrpsts - Cease and Desist Orders and Pnlts for Misrep & Practice Without Lic EHE
Distribution Date: January 23, 2014
Second Reading Date: January 24, 2014
Report Number: 14-005

Favorable Report
SB 62 FAV Sen Astle Chesapeake Bay Trust - Powers and Duties - Member Terms
SB 73 FWA(2) Sen Colburn Talbot County - Chesapeake Bay Critical Area - Prosecution or Civil Suit for Certain Violations
SB 137 FWA(1) Sens Conway and Middleton Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund - Revisions and Extension of Termination Date
Distribution Date: January 23, 2014
Third Reading Date: January 24, 2014
SB 45 Chair, EHE Com. Architects, Landscape Architects, and Professional Land Surveyors - Firm Permits EHE
SB 46 Chair, EHE Com. State Board of Individual Tax Preparers - Prohibited Acts - Civil Penalty EHE
SB 102 Chair, EHE Com. Health - Use of Alternate Care Sites During a State of Emergency - Authorization EHE
SB 107 Chair, EHE Com. State Lottery - Retailer Licenses - Background Investigations EHE
SB 108 Chair, EHE Com. State Lottery - Unlawful Representation EHE
SB 127 Chair, EHE Com. Department of Agriculture - Manure Transportation Project EHE

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March 11, 2014 9:55 A.M.
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