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House Agenda for Proceedings No. 56

MARCH 25, 2014 - SESSION 1
March 25, 2014
SB 374 Sen. Currie State Lottery - Online Ticket Sales - Moratorium HRU
SB 665 Sen. Edwards Correctional Officers' Retirement System - Membership HRU
SB 706 Sen. Benson Environment - Permit Determinations - Cumulative Impact Assessments HRU
SB 939 Sen. Shank State Ret and Pension System - Service Credit for Leave of Absence - Extension of Purchase Period HRU
SB 952 Sen. Astle Pharmacy Benefits Managers - Pharmacy Contracts - Maximum Allowable Cost Pricing HRU
SB 1015 Sen. Astle Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Tasting Licenses HRU
SB 1040 Sen. Middleton Maryland Community Health Resources Commission - Sunset Extension HRU
SB 1082 Sen. Madaleno State Reformed Contributory Employees' and Teachers' Pension Syss - Prior Eligibility Service HRU
SB 1091 Sen. Klausmeier Financial Institutions - Registered Mortgage Loan Originators - Expedited Licenses HRU
SB 1097 Sen. Hershey DHMH - Workgroup to Evaluate Mental Health Care Delivery on the Eastern Shore HRU
Distribution Date: March 24, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 25, 2014
Report Number: 14-016

Favorable Report
HB 951 FWA Del McHale Procurement - Occupational Safety and Health Prequalification
HB 1119 FWA Del Haddaway Riccio Board of Electricians - Licensing and Regulation of Electricians - Phase Out of Local Licenses

Withdrawn by sponsor
HB 830 UNF Del Arora Alcoholic Beverages - Shipment of Kosher Wine Sold at Retail

Unfavorable Report
HB 244 UNF Del Luedtke Libraries - Electronic Book Licenses and Sales - Discriminatory Practices
HB 411 UNF Del K. Kelly Workers' Comp - Heart Disease and Hypertension Presumption - State Correctional Officers
Distribution Date: March 24, 2014
Second Reading Date: March 25, 2014
Report Number: 14-011

Favorable Report
SB 11 FAV Sen Young, et al Food Processing Plants - License Fees - Civic and Nonprofit Organizations
SB 84 FAV Sen Benson, et al Joint Committee on Access to Mental Health Services - Name Change
SB 104 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Hlth Offcrs and Baltimore Cty Commissioner of Hlth - Auth to Retain Collections and Waive Charges
SB 105 FAV Chr FIN (Dept) Health - Vital Records - Birth Certificates - Preparation and Filing Requirements
SB 198 FAV Sen Pugh, et al Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Telemedicine
SB 225 FAV Sen Montgomery, et al State Board of Examiners of Psychologists - Psychology Associates - Registration
SB 228 FAV Sen Conway State Board of Pharmacy - Election of Officers
SB 238 FAV Sen King, et al Board of Public Works - Relocatable Classrooms - Indoor Air Quality Requirements
SB 295 FAV The Pres (DLS) St Bd of Audiologists, Hrg Aid Dispensers, and Speech-Lang Pthlgsts - Sunset Ext and Pgm Eval
SB 296 FAV The Pres (DLS) Prescription Drug Monitoring Program - Sunset Extension and Program Evaluation
SB 320 FAV Sen Conway State Board of Nursing - Electrology Practice Committee - Membership
SB 380 FAV Sen Conway State Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners - Cease and Desist Orders and Fines
SB 416 FAV Sen Astle HMOs - Payments to Nonparticipating Providers - Repeal of Termin Date
SB 418 FAV Sen Middleton, et al Developmental Disabilities Administration - Low Intensity Support Services - Funding
SB 440 FAV Sen Mathias Somerset Co - Service Award Program for Emergency Medical Services and Fire and Rescue Pers
SB 448 FAV Sen Conway Bd of Prof Cnslrs and Thrpsts - Cease and Desist Orders and Pnlts for Misrep & Practice Without Lic
SB 587 FAV Sen Conway State Board of Examiners in Optometry - Cease and Desist Orders, Injunctive Relief, and Penalties

Withdrawn by sponsor
HB 3 UNF Dels Hubbard and Kipke Health - Milk Products - Raw Milk - Consumer-Owned Livestock
HB 783 UNF Del Cullison, et al Task Force to Study School-Based Health Centers
HB 816 UNF Del Hubbard Requirements for Filial Support - Repeal
HB 1321 UNF Del Glenn, et al Natalie M. LaPrade Med Marijuana Comm - Treatment, Certfn, Licensing, and Registr
HB 1434 UNF Del Hammen Community Services - Provider Reimbursement

Unfavorable Report
HB 1072 UNF Del Kramer, et al Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities - Sex Offenders
HB 1272 UNF Del Lee, et al DHMH - Birth Registrations - Notice of Placement of Security Freezes

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March 26, 2014 10:31 A.M.
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