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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB1023 - Maryland Building Performance Standards – Fossil Fuel Use, Energy Conservation, and Electric– and Solar–Ready Standards (Better Buildings Act of 2024)

Education, Energy, and the Environment 3/4/2024 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/28/2024 5:03:30 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Brooks, Senator Brooks FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Rhyne, Saan Electrify Our Future FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Lewis, Jamal Rewiring America FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Better Buildings Act Senate Testimony_Rewiring Ame
Siglin, Doug Building a Better Maryland FAV Joint Testimony on BBA.pdf EEE
Kinsey, Kathy Mobilize Frederick FAV Mobilize Frederick Testimony SB 1023F2.pdf EEE
Arndt, Dave FAV No Testimony EEE
Peters, Sarah Husch Blackwell Strategies UNF MCIES LOO SB 1023 March 1.pdf EEE
Marczyk, Bernie Cornerstone Government Affairs UNF SB1023 UNF 3-1-24.pdf EEE
Ebron, Lory Somerset County Government UNF SB1023 Fossil Fuel Use Opposition.pdf EEE
Held, Karl Climate Coalition Montgomery County FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
The Better Buildings Act testimony from Climate Co
Raine, James UNF No Testimony EEE
Scarr, Emily Maryland PIRG FAV No Testimony EEE
Jakuta, Joseph Climate Parents of Prince George's FAV SB1023 - Better Buildings Act - Climate Parents of EEE
Abubucker, Leo Electrify Our Future FAV SB1023_Written_Testimony-Leo.pdf EEE
Christopher, Robert Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments: Climate, Energy & Environment Policy Committee FAV COG CEEPC Comment Letter Supporting SB 1023 - Bett EEE
D’Orazio , Daniela UNF No Testimony EEE
Katz, Janet UNF No Testimony EEE
Wilkinson, nanci Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church Environmental Justice Ministry FAV No Testimony EEE
Love, William UNF No Testimony EEE
Campion, Louis Maryland Motor Truck Association UNF No Testimony EEE
DeMarco, Jamie Chesapeake Climate Action Network FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
CCAN testimony for Better Buildings Act.pdf
Auerbach, Ruth FAV No Testimony EEE
Atkins, Robert UNF No Testimony EEE
Lee, Jessie Redwood Energy FAV Letter in support Marland all-electric law.pdf EEE
Greben, Brahnan FAV SB1023 Written Testimony.docx.pdf EEE
Geraldo, Manuel Washington Gas UNF Washington Gas - SENATE BILL 1023 - Oppose.pdf EEE
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV SB1023_Better_Buildings_Act_MLC_FAV.pdf EEE
Kresowik, Mark American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy FAV ACEEE Support for Better Buildings Act SB 1023 and EEE
Matheson, Barbara FAV No Testimony EEE
Parts, Chris AIA Maryland FAV SB1023 Better Buildings Act - AIA Maryland Support EEE
Roush, Benjamin FSi Engineers FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Baccino, Steve Chesapeake Utilities Corporation UNF SB 1023_Chesapeake Utilities_Unfav (02-29-24).pdf EEE
Rozenberg, Paul Suburban Propane UNF Suburban Propane - Senate Bill 1023.pdf EEE
Wald, Robert FAV Better Buildings Act Testimony - Third Act.pdf EEE
Egan, Ashley UULM-MD FAV 2024 Testimony - SB 1023 - Better Buildings Act - EEE
McGilvray, Laurie Climate Justice Wing of the Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV SB1023_Better Buildings Act_EEE_CJW FAV.pdf EEE
Singer, Elizabeth Jewish Community Relations Council, Jewish Federation of Howard County FAV SB1023 Better Buildings FAV 2024.pdf EEE
Davis, Bruce FAV Testimony on Better Buildings Act - Senate.pdf EEE
Southerland, Mark Safe Skies Maryland FAV No Testimony EEE
Gallagher, George ICQ UNF No Testimony EEE
Hudson, Lee Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA FAV sb1023- energy-better buildings- EEE 3-1-2024.pdf EEE
Valentino, Ellen UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Enten, Robert Maryland Multi-Housing Assoc UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Dyballa, Cindy City of Takoma Park FAV Takoma Park 2024 - SB 1023 FAV - Building Performa EEE
Elrich, Marc Montgomery County Government FAV SB 1023 - MoCo_Elrich_FAV (GA 24).pdf EEE
Price, Sarah Maryland Retailers Alliance UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Coronado Flores, Jose CASA FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Smith, Virginia Indivisible HoCo Maryland FAV SB_1023_IndivisibleHoCo_FAV_Peter Alexander.pdf EEE
Stephens-Booker, Rose The Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) FAV Virtual - Oral Testimony
BDC SB 1023 Testimony.docx.pdf
Mizrahi, Jennifer Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Testimony for Better Buildings Act FINAL Jennifer
Testimony for Better Buildings Act FINAL Jennifer
Reed, Dytonia BGE UNF BGE_EEE_OPP_Senate Bill 1023- Maryland Building Pe EEE
Sirkel, Robin UNF No Testimony EEE
Butler, Michael Consumer Energy Alliance UNF Consumer Energy Alliance SB 1023 Testimony.pdf EEE
Brooks, Benjamin FWA SB1023_Brooks.pdf EEE
Waterman, Thaddeus Maryland Citizens Climate Lobby FAV Citizens' Climate Lobby Maryland BBB Senate testim EEE
Hopkins, Barbara UNF No Testimony EEE
Baxter, Gary Energy Poverty Awareness Center - EnPAC UNF EnPAC SB 1023.pdf EEE
Phelps Jr, Ken The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland FAV SB 1023 - Better Building Act.pdf EEE
Popham, Bryson Bryson F. Popham, P.A. UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Helfrich, Daniel FAV High Performance Heat Pump Testimony SB1023 1Mar20 EEE
Hunter, Casey League of Women Voters of Maryland FAV SB1023_LWVMD_FAV_2024.pdf EEE
Jacob, Evelyn FAV Testimony by Evelyn Jacob for Better Buildings Act EEE
Goturi, Neal FAV BBA Senate Testimony .pdf EEE
White, Ruth FAV SB1023_BetterBuildingsAct_EEE_HoCoCA.org_FAV.pdf EEE
Elaine, Arndt SELF FAV No Testimony EEE
Konny, Crystal Indivisible Howard County FAV No Testimony EEE
Arney, Cheryl FAV Testimony in favor of SB1023, the Better Buildings EEE
Volkmar, Leslie UNF No Testimony EEE
Lattimer, Timothy Howard County Office of Community Sustainability FAV Howard County OCS 2024 - SB 1023 Better Buildings EEE
Lang, Alan UNF No Testimony EEE
Kerr, Cait FAV SB 1023 Maryland Building Performance Standards – EEE
Diefenbach, Linda UNF No Testimony EEE
Schulze, Dana USAF Veteran UNF No Testimony EEE
Szybist, Mark Maryland Office of People's Counsel FWA In Person - Oral Testimony
SB1023 OPC Testimony.pdf
Shriner, Mariah Sierra Club Maryland Chapter FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
SB1023_MDSierraClub_fav 4March2024.pdf
Collins, Carville Maryland Employers for Civil Justice Reform Coalition UNF MD 2024 SB 1023 Columbia Gas Testimony Final.pdf EEE
Stewart, Frances Elders Climate Action Maryland FAV Better Buidlings Act testimony CR Senate.pdf EEE
Lefstein, Gita FAV I would like to urge support for The Better Buildi EEE
Price, Suzanne Concerned Citizen UNF No Testimony EEE
Oldenburg, Aaron Chesapeake climate Action Network FAV BBA_testimony_AaronOldenburg.pdf EEE
Graf, Lori Maryland Building Industry Association UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
MBIA Letter of Opposition SB 1023.pdf
Vernon, Michael UNF No Testimony EEE
Castelli, William Rifkin, Weiner, Livingston LLC UNF SB 1023 _realtors_unf.pdf EEE
Sherman, Erin RMI FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
RMI MD BBA Testimony - Written - Final - Digital.p
Hindle, Michael Passive to Positive FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
24_0304_Senate 1023 testimony_Passive to Positive.
Williams, Peggy UNF No Testimony EEE
Ballentine, Tom NAIOP Maryland UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
SB1023 - Better Buildigs Act - NAIOP - UNF - EEE
Elbourn, James UNF No Testimony EEE
Meyerovich, Mark UNF No Testimony EEE
Allen, Hannah Maryland Chamber of Commerce UNF SB 1023_MDCC_Better Buildings Act of 2024_UNFAV.pd EEE
Feighner, Liz FAV No Testimony EEE
Ditraglia, Frank UNF No Testimony EEE
Feighner, Liz BWCUMC Creation Care FAV No Testimony EEE
Novey, Joelle Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA) FAV IPL-DMV Favorable testimony Better Buildings Act . EEE
Dutta, Robin Chesapeake Solar and Storage Association FAV CHESSA - MD - EEE Testimony SB1023 Favorable 20240 EEE
McWilliams, Eric ICSC Maryland Government Relations Committee UNF SB1023UNF.pdf EEE
Kaplowitz, Richard KAP Year FAV Testimony in opposition to SB1023.pdf EEE
Cohen, Josh SWTCH Energy, Inc. FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
2024.03.01 SWTCH Testimony on SB1023 - HB1279.pdf
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 3-4-2024 at 932 AM EEE
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