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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0970 - Fire Protection and Prevention - Sprinkler Systems - Requirements (Melanie Diaz Sprinklers Save Lives Act)

Education, Energy, and the Environment 3/16/2023 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/18/2024 9:33:44 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Smith, Senator Smith FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Custer, Michael Maryland Metro Chiefs Fire Marshal Committee FAV Letter of Support-SB0907-1-Signed.pdf EEE
Anleu, Brian UNF AOBA -- SB 970-- UNF.pdf
NJAA sprinkler retrofit analysis 2007.pdf
Pickett, Alan FAV SB0970_FAV_Pickett.pdf EEE
Fink, Cathy FAV SB0970 Testimonial.pdf EEE
Ortiz Perez, Maria FAV HB0062_FAV_OrtizPerez_Gershuny.pdf EEE
Madera, Zuleika FAV HB0062_FAV_Diaz.pdf EEE
Astudillo, Mary FAV SB0970 Support Fire Protection and Prevention Spri EEE
Shierholz, Heidi FAV SB0970_FAV_Shierholz.pdf EEE
Parshall, Allison FAV SB0970- SUPPORT-Parshall.pdf EEE
Loveless, Kathleen FAV SB MSFA Support Letter 0970.pdf EEE
Ludlow, Suzanne FAV SB 970 Support Testimony - Ludlow.pdf EEE
Lockwood, Sophie FAV SB0970 Written Testimonial.pdf EEE
Frey, Leslie Montgomery County FAV Montgomery County Community Action Board Testimony EEE
Allen, Michael FAV SB9070_Fav_MichaelAllen.pdf EEE
Lent, Michael FAV No Testimony EEE
Graziano, Lauren Maryland Multi Housing Association UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
Roblero, Eveen FAV melaniesbill.pdf EEE
Wenger, Melanie Montgomery County Government FAV SB 970 - MoCo_Wenger_FAV (GA 23).pdf EEE
Geraci, Brian Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal FAV SB 0970 OSFM Letter.pdf
SB 0970 SFPC Letter of Support.pdf
Owens, Dylan FAV SB0970_FAV_Owens.pdf EEE
Belman Guerrero, Mizraim FAV SB0970- SUPPORT-Mizraim Belman.pdf EEE
Mora, Daniel N/A FAV SB 0970 – SUPPORT.pdf EEE
Anderson, Kathy Maryland State Police FAV SB 0970 Fire Protection and Prevention Favorable T
SB 0970 MSP Letter of Support.pdf
Sobalvarro, Michael FAV SB0970_FAV_Sobalvarro.pdf EEE
Lorenzana, Melissa FAV SB 0970 SUPPORT Fire Protection and Prevention- Me EEE
Andriescu, Ruxandra FAV SB0970_FAV_Andriescu.pdf EEE
Williams, Erik FAV HB0062_FAV_Williams.pdf EEE
McPherson-Watson, Renee FAV HB0062_FAV_McPherson-Watson.pdf EEE
MDAD President, MDAD President FAV MDAD SB 970 - Fire Protection and Prevention - Spr EEE
Poznaniak, Pearl FAV SB0970_FAV_Poznaniak.pdf EEE
Ruffo, Christine FAV SB970_FAV_Ruffo.pdf EEE
Paulino, Ashly FAV HB0062_FAV_PAULINO.pdf EEE
Weissburg, Adrianna FAV SB0970_FAV_Weissburg.pdf EEE
Weissburg, Gabrielle FAV SB0970_FAV_Weissburg.pdf EEE
Lewis, Trey FAV SB0970_FAV_Lewis.pdf EEE
Jun, Young Jun FAV SB0970_FAV_Jun-2.pdf EEE
Kozel, Richard Goodrich Fire & Life Safety FAV HB 1292 Testimony.pdf EEE
Roblero, Odin FAV HB0062_FAV_Roblero.pdf EEE
Zhou, Yuan FAV SB0970_FAV_Zhou.pdf EEE
Smothers, Eric Eric L. Smothers FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Thomas, Meryl FAV HB0062_FAV_Thomas.pdf EEE
Roblero, Odalys FAV Melanie Diaz Sprinkers Saves Lives Act.pdf EEE
Muldoon, Lynn FAV SB0970_FAV_Muldoon.pdf EEE
Taillac, Victoria FAV sb support.docx.pdf EEE
Greetham, Cassandra FAV HB0062_FAV_CassandraGreetham.pdf EEE
Stewart, Kate Montgomery County Council FAV Councilmember Kate Stewart Support Testimony for S EEE
Carpenter, Jessie City of Takoma Park FAV Takoma Park 2023 - SB 970 FAV - Melanie Diaz Sprin EEE
Rojas, Marcelo FAV Scan20230315_14252579.pdf EEE
Dodani, Vikash FAV Melanie Diaz Sprinklers Save Lives Act Support.pdf EEE
Tresh, Joseph FAV TRESH-JOS-MD-SENATE-2023-03-16-r.pdf EEE
Myers, Lisa FAV HB0062_FAV_Myers.pdf EEE
Menon, Varsha FAV Letter.pdf EEE
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 3-15-2023 at 329 PM EEE
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