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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0843 - I-495 and I-270 Public-Private Partnership - Partnership Agreement - Requirements (Maryland Department of Transportation Promises Act of 2021)

Budget and Taxation 2/24/2021 12:00:00 PM
As of: 1/21/2022 10:06:27 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Benson, Senator Benson FAV Oral Testimony B&T
Russel, Jennifer Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance UNF SMTA Opposition to SB843 2021.pdf B&T
Kilpatrick, Lance AFSCME Council 3 FAV AFSCME_FAV_SB843.pdf B&T
Ditzler, Barbara LWVMD FAV 2.24.2021 SB843.P3 Agreements. Promises Act.pdf B&T
Plano, Chris FAV MDOT Promises Act Testimony Plano.pdf B&T
Daisey, Paul FAV SB843 testimony by Paul Daisey.pdf B&T
Pierzchala, Mark City of Rockville FAV Oral Testimony B&T
Gallant, Janet FAV Oral Testimony
DontWiden270.org_J. Gallant_Testimony on SB 843_02
Kasemeyer, Pam Schwartz, Metz & Wise, P.A. FAV SB0843_FAV_City of Rockville_I-495 and I-270 P3 - B&T
Guitarra, Denisse Audubon Naturalist Society FAV SB843_ANS_FAV.pdf B&T
Hausner, Tony Indian Spring Residents Opposed to Beltway Widening Group FAV SB843Testimony.pdf B&T
Wilkinson, nanci Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church Environmental Justice Ministry FAV EJM Promises Act Testimonu.pdf B&T
Ambler, Anne FAV NNWB testimony SB 843 Promises Act.pdf B&T
Stolz, Sally FAV Testimony SB 843 feb 2021.pdf B&T
Tulkin, Josh MD Sierra Club FAV Oral Testimony
SB843 - I-495 & I-270 P3 Requirements-MDOT Promise
loss, jennifer FAV Testimony on SB 843.pdf B&T
Schneider, Andrew FAV Comments on SB843.pdf B&T
Rosenthal, Lore FAV SB843 - FAV - MDOT, GCAN.pdf B&T
Barnds, Cheryl FAV Oral Testimony
Favorable Testimony on SB 843.pdf
Bartlett, Olivia DoTheMostGood FAV SB0843-FAV-DTMG-2-24-21.pdf B&T
Evans, Gerard Evans & Associates, LLC UNF SB 843_MAA_UNF.pdf
SB 843_MTBMA_UNF.pdf
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV SB0843_Promises_Act_MLC_FAV.pdf B&T
Hemmer, Lisa Glen Echo Heights Mobilization FAV GEHM B&T
Lyons, Jane FAV 2021.02.22 CSG Testimony on SB 843 MDOT Promises A B&T
Hart, Kyle National Parks Conservation Association FAV SB843_NPCA_FAV.pdf B&T
Gonzalez, Edgar SMTA UNF Oral Testimony
Testimony Senate 2021 02 24 FINAL.pdf
O’Keeffe, Carol FAV SBO0843-IndivisibleHoCo-FAV-O'Keeffe.pdf B&T
Slater, Christine self-employed FAV Testimony.SB 843 - MDOT Promises Act of 2021.2021- B&T
Westervelt, Patricia Maryland Department of Transportation INFO SB0843 - P3 - Promises Act of 2021 - LOI - FINAL.p B&T
Rich, Edward 1956 FAV GFCA testimony on SB 0843 2-22-2021.pdf B&T
Lesher, Sarah FAV Sarah Lesher SB 843 testimony.pdf B&T
Tice, Patricia Sierra Club, Montgomery County Chapter FAV SB 843 Public-Private Partnership.pdf B&T
Wenger, Melanie Montgomery County Government FWA SB 843 - MoCo (GA 21).pdf B&T
Gardner, Adrian Md-National Capital Park and Planning Commission FWA Oral Testimony
MNCPPC Position Statement SB 843 I-495 and I-270 P
Montemarano, Arlene FAV montemarano-HB843-testimony2021.pdf B&T
Pérez, Rodolfo Rodolfo Pérez, PE, Forensic Engineer FAV SB 843.pdf B&T
Graf, Lori Maryland Building Industry Association UNF MBIA Testimony SB 843.pdf B&T
Borden, Debra M-NCPPC FWA Oral Testimony B&T
Laurenson, James FAV SB 843 Beltway Widening Testimony.pdf B&T
Benson, Joanne C. FAV Oral Testimony B&T
German, Bran citizen Against Beltway Expansion FAV Oral Testimony B&T
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-23-2021 at 535 PM B&T
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