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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0756 - Workers’ Compensation – Occupational Disease Presumptions – COVID–19

Finance 3/9/2021 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/28/2022 4:23:00 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Carter, Senator Carter FAV Oral Testimony FIN
Doherty, Daniel UNF Opposition to SB 756 -W. Comp. - Covid-19 Presumti FIN
D'Alessandro, Carmine Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company UNF Oral Testimony
SB 756 812 813 860 Chesapeake-IWIF Bill - COVID pr
Paavola, Matt Maryland Association of Justice FAV Oral Testimony FIN
DeMattos, Joseph Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) UNF HFAM Testimony - SB 756 Final.pdf FIN
Kress, William Kress Hammen UNF Oral Testimony FIN
Egan, Nancy UNF Oral Testimony
SB 756 APCIA 0309 2021 - FINAL.pdf
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV SB0756_WC_COVID–19_MLC_FAV.pdf FIN
Erlandson, Robert Maryland Self Insurers and Employers Compensation Association UNF Oral Testimony
2021-03-05 Memorandum to Senate Finance Commitee w
MacAlister, James Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) FWA Oral Testimony FIN
Enten, Robert Maryland Building Industry Assoc UNF Oral Testimony FIN
Jabin, Drew Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) UNF Oral Testimony
Kallins, Lauren Maryland Association of Community Services UNF SB 756.UNF.MACS.pdf FIN
Murray, Julie Maryland Defense Counsel UNF Oral Testimony FIN
Duckman, Ashley UNF SB 756_Workers' Compensation-Occupational Disease FIN
Kauffman, Danna UNF SB0756_SB0812_SB0813__UNF_LS,Hospice,MNCHA_Workers FIN
Skinner, Thomas Baltimore Fire Officers, IAFF L-964 FWA No Testimony FIN
Courson, Nancy Maryland Chamber of Commerce UNF Oral Testimony FIN
Dailey, Michael Schmidt, Dailey & O'Neill, LLC UNF Oral Testimony FIN
Clark, Andy UNF SB756_USM_UNF.pdf FIN
Lanier, James Maryland Association for Justice FWA Oral Testimony FIN
Italiano, Ginanne The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce UNF SB756-~1.PDF FIN
Goldstein, Scott Law firm FAV Oral Testimony FIN
Zirkin, Bobby ZS Public Affairs FAV Oral Testimony FIN
Mehu, Natasha Mayor's Office of Government Relations UNF SB756-FIN-OPP.pdf FIN
Frazee, Brian Maryland Hospital Association UNF SB 756 - Workers' Compensation - Occupational Dise FIN
Price, Sarah Maryland Retailers Association UNF SB756_UNF_MRA.pdf FIN
consoli, angelo FOP Lodge 89 and Maryland State Lodge FAV No Testimony FIN
Carter, Jill FAV Testimony_JPC_LR2342.pdf FIN
Bailey, Angelica Maryland Municipal League UNF Oral Testimony
SB 756_UNF_MML.pdf
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 3-8-2021 at 1132 AM FIN
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