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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0672 - Drunk Driving Offenses - Ignition Interlock System Program

Judicial Proceedings 2/23/2021 2:30:00 PM
As of: 11/30/2021 1:05:29 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Waldstreicher, Senator Waldstreicher FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Harris, Frank Mothers Against Drunk Driving FAV Oral Testimony
MADD pro SB 672 Frank Harris testimony. 2-23-21.pd
Frey, Leslie Montgomery County FAV VSAB Support Ltr Drunk Driving SB 672.pdf JPR
Nizer, Christine MDOT MVA FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Murray, Charles UNF Oral Testimony JPR
Dacey, Philip FAV Oral Testimony JPR
Leotta, Richard MADD FAV Oral Testimony
SB 672 Loophole Noah's Law .pdf
Robin Stimson, Robin Stimson Mothers Against Drunk Driving FAV Oral Testimony
Giannetti , John MCDAA - Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association UNF sb 672 interlock oppose.pdf JPR
Westervelt, Patricia Maryland Department of Transportation FAV SB0672 -Drunk Driving Offenses Ignition Interlock JPR
Ali, Ragina AAA Mid-Atlantic FAV SB 672 - Noahs law 02-23-2021.pdf JPR
Erickson, Kurt Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) FAV Oral Testimony
21 md legis sen jpr iid.pdf
Jung, Roy Office of the Attorney General -- Legislative Affairs Unit FWA 2021-02-23 SB 672 (Support with Amendment).pdf JPR
Cyphers, Moira Compass Government Relations FAV 2021 SB 672 CIIM FAV.pdf
DC-212 MVA Ignition Interlock Fee Decrease.pdf
Responsibilty.Org SB 672 Support.pdf
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-19-2021 at 413 PM JPR
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