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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0658 - Higher Education - Collective Bargaining - Graduate Assistants (Graduate Assistant Collective Bargaining Fairness Act)

Finance 2/21/2020 12:00:00 PM
As of: 12/1/2022 3:40:46 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Kramer, Senator Kramer FAV No Testimony FIN
Howell, Will Fearless Student Employees FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Lamb, Rachel UMCP Graduate Student Government FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
McGee, Michael Bowie State Graduate Student Assoc FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Bowie State
Shelley, Adelaida UMPC Graduate Assistant Advisory Committee FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Adelaida Shelley
Dunphy, Alexander FAV Alexander Dunphy FIN
Hoyle, Alexander FAV Alexander M. Hoyle_FAV_SB658 FIN
Hufnagel, Ashley FAV Ashley Hufnagel_FAV_SB658 FIN
Ali, Asim FAV Asim Ali_Fav_SB658 FIN
Marquez, Bayley FAV Bayley Marquez_FAV_SB658 FIN
Edwards, Donna Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO FAV MDDCAFLCIO_FAV_SB658 FIN
Sarginger, Brian FAV Brian Sarginger_FAV_SB658 FIN
Bowrey, Brice FAV Brice Bowrey_FAV_SB658 FIN
Fanning, Charlie FAV Charlie Fanning_FAV_SB658 FIN
Samoray, Chris FAV Chris Samoray_FAV_SB658 FIN
Trettel, Daniel FAV Daniel Trettel_FAV_SB658 FIN
Mohondro, Devon FAV Devon Mohondro_FAV_SB658 FIN
Braccia, Domenick FAV Domenick Braccia_FAV_SB658 FIN
Griffin, Duncan FAV No Testimony FIN
Schoute, Eddie FAV Eddie Schoute_FAV_SB658 FIN
Mizrachi, Eli FAV Eli Mizrachi FIN
Bartsch, Felix FAV Felix Bartsch FIN
Podietz, Emma FAV Emma Podietz FIN
Kramida, Gregory FAV Gregory Kramida FIN
Skracic, Izidora FAV Izidora Skracic FIN
Ostrach, K.Sarah FAV K. Sarah Ostrach FIN
Nye, Kari FAV Kari Nye FIN
Fan, Kwok Lung FAV Kwok Lung Fan FIN
Cilenti, Lautaro FAV No Testimony FIN
Knowles, Lenora FAV Lenora R. Knowles FIN
Galloway, Nic FAV Nic Galloway FIN
Warford, Noel FAV Noel Warford FIN
Chaudhary, Rishabh FAV Rishabh Chaudhary FIN
Ludewig, Sara FAV Sara Ludewig FIN
Vick, Sara FAV Sarah Vick FIN
Luo, Shuangqi FAV Shuangqi Luo FIN
Maxson, Stanley FAV Stanley Maxson FIN
Sewell, Troy FAV Troy Sewell FIN
Hao, Yeming FAV Yeming Hao FIN
Merchant, Junaid FAV Junaid Merchant FIN
Daume III, Hal FAV Hal Daumé FIN
Smith Pfister, Damien FAV Damien Smith Pfister FIN
Chen, Shao-Peng FAV Shao-Peng Chen FIN
Johnson, Zachary FAV Zachary Johnson FIN
Gawehns, Florian FAV Florian Gawehns FIN
Brown, Meredith FAV Meredith Brown FIN
Toda Cosi, Mireia FAV Mireia Toda Cosi FIN
Padios, Jan FAV Jan Padios FIN
Mazurek, Michelle FAV Michelle Mazurek FIN
Rozowski, Michael FAV Michael Rozowski FIN
Salzano, Matthew FAV Matthew Salzano FIN
Hall, Valerie FAV Valerie Hall FIN
Teal, D.J. FAV D. J. Teal FIN
Shaw, Benjamin FAV Benjamin Shaw FIN
Scocca, Jacob FAV Jacob Scocca SB 658 - Senate FIN
Hanhardt, Christina FAV Christina B. Hanhardt FIN
Fan, Jason FAV Jason Fan SB 658 Testimony FIN
Pruitt, Kyle FAV Kyle Pruitt FIN
Song, Hyeonjin FAV Hyeonjin Song FIN
Swanson, Dustin FAV Dustin Swanson FIN
Trevor, Max FAV Max Trevor FIN
O'Reilly, Jameson FAV Jameson O’Reilly FIN
Biswas, Debopriya FAV Debopriyo Biswas FIN
Kyprianidis, Antonio FAV Antonios Kyprianidis FIN
Bailey, Mikol FAV Mikol Bailey FIN
Corban Sies, Mary FAV Mary Corbin Sies FIN
Dalka, Robert FAV Rob Dalka FIN
Van Horn, David FAV David Van Horn FIN
Greene, Daniel FAV David Van Horn FIN
Weber, Kevin FAV Kevin Weber FIN
Busacca, Cameron FAV Cameron Busacca FIN
Hunt, Margaret Rose FAV Margaret Rose Hunt FIN
Conti, Giuliana graduate and professional student senate, university of washington FAV University of Washington Graduate and FIN
Goethel, Christina university of maryland center for environmental science FAV UMCES FIN
Simmons, Jocelyn univesity of maryland eastern shore FAV UMES FIN
Skolnlk, Carolyn usmd UNF No Testimony FIN
Rittle, Alex USMD UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
SB 658 Graduate Student Collective Bargaining
Fetter, Steve UMBC UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
SB 658 Written Testimony UMCP
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-26-2020 at 258 PM FIN
Howell, Will Fearless Student Employees FAV Howell_FAV_SB658 FIN
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