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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0055 - Legislative Department - Eligibility to Serve as Senators and Delegates - Place of Abode

Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs 2/4/2021 11:00:00 AM
As of: 10/4/2022 8:29:53 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Sydnor, Senator Sydnor FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Boston, Frank FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Wyatt, Lauren Black Girls Vote, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Clark, Eugene Senator Charles E. Sydnor III FAV Oral Testimony
Testimony Sen Sydnor SB 55 - Place of Abode.pdf
Elliott, Richard DeShay Prince George's County Young Democrats FAV PGCYD Press Release 2_2_21 (1).pdf EHE
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-3-2021 at 1016 AM EHE
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