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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0022 - On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems - Inspection - Licensing

Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs 1/21/2021 11:00:00 AM
As of: 6/30/2022 8:54:31 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Young, Senator Young FAV No Testimony EHE
Ranson, Emily Clean Water Action FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Harrison, Edward MOWPA FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Geckle, Matthew Back River Precast FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Geckle, Mathew Back River Precast FAV SB 22 Onsite inspectors Geckle - support.pdf EHE
Harrison, Edward FAV HarrisonTestimony SB22 HB407 2021.pdf EHE
von Gunten, Gene Team Septic FAV SB22.vonGuntenTestimony.pdf EHE
Ranson, Emily FAV SB22_CleanWaterAction_Support_EmilyRanson.pdf EHE
Bassett, Elle FAV ShoreRivers SB22 Testimony Support.pdf EHE
Butler, Alex Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) FWA SB0022-EHE_MACo_SWA.pdf EHE
abbott, tyler MDE INFO SB22_MDE_LOC.pdf EHE
Graf, Lori Maryland Building Industry Association FWA MBIA SB 22 Testimony.pdf EHE
Welch, Kenneth Maryland Conference of Local Environmental Health Directors FWA SB 22 - Support with Amendments 2021.pdf EHE
Trescott, Sara FWA Oral Testimony EHE
Castelli, William FAV SB 22.pdf EHE
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