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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

SB0019 - Pharmacists - Administration of Injectable Medications for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs 2/1/2022 1:00:00 PM
Health and Government Operations 3/24/2022 1:30:00 PM
As of: 9/28/2022 4:49:49 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Senator Lam, Senator Lam FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Akwakoku, Belawoe National Community Pharmacy Association FAV Oral Testimony
Celentano, Matthew Funk & Bolton, P.A. UNF DOCS-#225306-v1-SB_19_Oppose_2022.pdf EHE
Haft, Dr. Howard FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Gilliams, Elizabeth FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Hoffman, C.P. FAV SB0019 2022-01-28 Testimony to Senate EHEA Committ EHE
Lam, Clarence FAV Oral Testimony
Tarleton, Marie Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians FAV HB219 Dental Hygienists support 2.1.22 LD.pdf EHE
Tiffin, Scott FAV 2021 ACNM SB 19 Senate.pdf
2022 MNA SB 19 Senate Side.pdf
Crain, Elaine Self FAV SB019 Pharmacists admin inj support 2.1.22 EC.pdf EHE
(MD), State of Maryland FAV 8 - SB 19 – EHEA – PHARM - LOS.docx.pdf EHE
Locklair, Cailey FAV Oral Testimony EHE
Senator Lam, Senator Lam FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Lam, Clarence FAV LAM_SB19_FAV_House (1).pdf HGO
Jasen, Debi FAV No Testimony HGO
(MD), State of Maryland FAV 1 - X - SB 19 – HGO – PHARM - LOS.docx.pdf HGO
Price, Sarah Maryland Retailers Association FAV SB19_MACDS_FAV.pdf HGO
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