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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1424 - Public-Private Partnerships - Process and Oversight

Environment and Transportation 3/5/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 10/16/2021 4:02:23 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Solomon, Delegate Solomon FAV Oral Testimony
HB 1424_Solomon_FAV
Fisher, Erik Chesapeake Bay Foundation FAV CBF_Erik-Fisher_FAV_HB 1424 ENT
Rich, Ed Greater Farmland Civic Association FAV Greater Farmland Civic Association_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Okeffe, Carol Howard County indivisible FAV No Testimony ENT
Lyons, Jane MD Advocates for Sustainable Transportation FAV MAST_FAV_HB1424 ENT
TSO, MDOT UNF HB1424 - P3 - Process and Oversight - OPP ENT
Ditzler, Bee League of Women Voters FAV MD League of Women Voters_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV MD Legislative Coalition_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Hausner, Tony Wyngate Civic Association FAV Wyngate Civic Association_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Scott, Brandon Baltimore City Council President FAV No Testimony ENT
Battle, Kenneth Prince George's County Council FAV PG county council_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Slater, Tina FAV Tina Slater_FAV_SB424 ENT
Sakata, Michael Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association UNF Oral Testimony
Klinefelter, Marshall Maryland Asphalt Association UNF HB1424_MAA_UNF ENT
Campion, LOUIS UNF HB1220, 1249, 1424 - MMTA - Oppose ENT
Glaros, Danielle PG County Councilmember FAV No Testimony ENT
Ross, Ben Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition FAV Oral Testimony
Coufal, Barbara CABE FAV Oral Testimony
HB 1424_CABE_FAVpdf
Norton, Eric Central MD Transit Alliance FAV Oral Testimony
HB 1424_Alliance_FAVpdf
Kopp, Nancy MD Treasurer FAV No Testimony ENT
Wojahn, Patrick Mayor of College Park FAV Oral Testimony
HB 1424_Wojahn_FAV
Hagen, Kai Councilmember FAV No Testimony ENT
Tulkin, Josh Sierra Club MD FAV No Testimony ENT
Hybl, Lois LWVMD FAV HB1424_LWVMD_FAV_LoisHybl ENT
Coren, Ellen The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce UNF Oral Testimony
Kilpatrick, Lance AFSCME 3 FAV Oral Testimony
O'keefe, Carol Howard County Indivisible FAV Hoco County Indivisible_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Pierzchala, Councilmember Mark City of Rockville FAV Oral Testimony
City of Rockville_Mark Pierzchala_FAV_HB1424
Tulkin, Josh FAV Sierra Club_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Scott, Brandon Baltimore City Council President FAV Council President Scott_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Wojahn, Patrick Mayor of College Park FAV City of College Park_FAV_HB1424 ENT
Hessler, Therese Prince George's County Council FAV HB 1424_FAV_PGCC ENT
kane, john citizens 4 traffic relief UNF Oral Testimony
J Kane. Oppose HB1424 1
Gardner, Adrian MNCPPC FWA Oral Testimony
HB 1424 Public-Private Partnerships - Process
Rubin, Carol MNCPPC FWA No Testimony ENT
russel, jennifer smta UNF J Russel SMTA testimony HB 1424 March 5 2020 ENT
Windley, Rob SMTA UNF Rob Windley_SMTA_HB 1424 ENT
Testimony, All N/A No Testimony ENT
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