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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1133 - Tree Planting – Urban Trees Program and Commission for the Innovation and Advancement of Carbon Markets and Sustainable Tree Plantings

Environment and Transportation 2/24/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 6/16/2021 10:23:51 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Bridges, Delegate Bridges FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Southerland, Mark Safe Skies Maryland FAV Safe Skies Maryland Testimony SUPPORT HB-1133 Urba ENT
Clark, Robin Jessica Chesapeake Bay Foundation FAV Oral Testimony
Guitarra, Denisse Audubon Naturalist Society FAV HB1133_ANS_FAV.pdf ENT
Tulkin, Josh MD Sierra Club FAV HB1133 - Tree Planting–Urban Trees Program and Com ENT
McNeilly, Lisa Baltimore City Office of Sustainability FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Wilkerson, Alice Strong Future Maryland FAV HB1133_StrongFutureMaryland_FAV.pdf ENT
Cardin, Nina FAV written testimony HB1133 2021.pdf ENT
Richards, Annie ShoreRivers FAV HB1133 - Tree Plantings .pdf ENT
Braha, Jeanne Rock Creek Conservancy, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Hoffman, Mark FAV HB 1133 Chesapeake Bay Commission Written Testimon ENT
Davis, Jana FAV Oral Testimony
CBT Testimony - HB 1133.pdf
McKitrick, James INFO HB01133_DNR_LOI-2.pdf ENT
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB1133_Urban_Trees_Program_MLC_FAV.pdf ENT
Gray, Robinne FAV 2021.02.22_Gray_support_HB1133.pdf ENT
Poirot, Thomasina Baltimore Tree Trust FAV Oral Testimony
BTT Written Testimony for HB 1133.pdf
abbott, tyler MDE INFO HB1133_MDE_LOI.pdf ENT
Kerr, Cait FAV HB 1133 Tree Planting – Urban Trees Program and Co ENT
Cowan, Eleanor FAV HB1133 Testimony_Preservation Maryland_FAV.pdf ENT
Mehu, Natasha Mayor's Office of Government Relations FAV HB1133-ET-FAV.pdf ENT
Alexander, Peter FAV HB1133_IndivisibleHoCo_FAV_PeterAlexander.pdf ENT
Fredriksson, Ryan FAV HB1133- National Aquarium - FAV.pdf ENT
Harbeson, Kristen Maryland League of Conservation Voters FAV Hb1133 Urban Tree Planting.pdf ENT
Bailey, Angelica Maryland Municipal League FAV Oral Testimony
HB 1133_FAV_MML.pdf
Conner, Charles Office of the Baltimore County Executive FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_HB1133.pdf ENT
Parker, Patricia CKAR CDC, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 2-25-2021 at 1039 AM ENT
Boyd, Linda Episcopal Diocese of Maryland FAV HB1133 testimony with letterhead 2021 ENT
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