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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB1112 - Election Law - Registered Voter List and Petitions (Ballot Petition Modernization Act)

Ways and Means 3/7/2023 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/22/2024 6:51:24 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Ruth, Delegate Ruth FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Norling, Richard MD Sierra Club FAV HB1112_MDSierraClub_fav 7Mar2023.pdf W&M
Ellis, Andy Baltimore City Green Party FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB_1112_Ellis_Fav (1).pdf
Miller Smith, Nora League of Women Voters Maryland FAV HB 1112- FAV- Ballot Petition Modernization Act.pd W&M
Atkins, Robert UNF No Testimony W&M
Hamilton, Tana League of Women Voters FWA In Person - Oral Testimony
HB1112 - _Ballot Petition Modernization Act_ Testi
shah, sonia FWA Written Testimony in support of HB 112 with amendm W&M
Dorsey-Walker, Linda FWA In Person - Oral Testimony
Patterson , Roland The Patterson Business Group FWA In Person - Oral Testimony
Duffy, Suzanne Concerned Citizen UNF No Testimony W&M
Golombek, Daniel FAV HB1112-FAV-Golombrk.pdf W&M
Glancy, Thomas FWA Virtual - Oral Testimony
Williams, Peggy UNF No Testimony W&M
Elbourn, James UNF No Testimony W&M
Ditraglia, Frank UNF No Testimony W&M
Richkus, Peta FWA HB1112 Written Testimony_Ways and Means.pdf W&M
Ansah, Samuela Disability Rights Maryland FAV DRM HB 1112 FAV.pdf W&M
Blitz, Eric Libertarian Party of Maryland FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Libertarian Party of MD-Statement of Support-HB111
Hunter, Casey Common Cause Maryland FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 1112 - Election Law - Registed Voter List and P
Diefenbach, Linda UNF No Testimony W&M
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB1112 Ballot Petition Modernization Act FAV.pdf W&M
Plymouth, Aaron 4MORE! 4BALTIMORECOUNTY FWA HB1112 Testimony.pdf W&M
Gottlieb , Cheryl FAV Virtual - Oral Testimony
Sirkel, Robin UNF No Testimony W&M
Diefenbach, Klaus UNF No Testimony W&M
Williams, Hindley Maryland Centers for Independent Living FAV HB 1112 Support.pdf W&M
Ruth, S FAV HB1112 - Ruth - Sponsor Testimony - FAV.pdf W&M
Arshavsky, Svetlana UNF No Testimony W&M
sirkel, jess UNF No Testimony W&M
Smith, Bonnie FAV House Bill 1112 Ballot Petition Modernization Act. W&M
brenner, loretta UNF No Testimony W&M
Tyree, Nikki LWVMD FAV 3-7 HB 1112 Election Law - Registered Voter List a W&M
Lang, Alan UNF No Testimony W&M
Cooper, Charlie For the People - Maryland FAV Virtual - Oral Testimony
Jordan, Samuel Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Testimony Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition HB 1
Kolakoski, Virginia UNF No Testimony W&M
Katz, Janet UNF No Testimony W&M
Vernon, Michael UNF No Testimony W&M
Blake, Sharon FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Dorsey-Walker, Linda 4MORE! 4BALTIMORECOUNTY Ballot Issue Committee FWA HB 1112 4MORE! 4Baltimore W&M
Braithwaite-Yarn, Karen FAV HB 1112 Karen Braithwaite-Yarn W&M
Blake, Sharon FWA HB 1112 Sharon Blake W&M
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