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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0709 - Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small Business and Nonprofit Health Insurance Subsidies Program - Workgroup

Health and Government Operations 2/17/2022 1:30:00 PM
As of: 9/28/2022 4:29:44 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Lewis, R., Delegate Lewis, R. FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Davis, Ernie The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society FAV HB 709_LLS_FAV.pdf HGO
Weiss, Erica Erica H. Weiss, Strategic Health Writing/Editing FAV HB709_Favorable_MdPHA.pdf HGO
Wood, Shannon National Multiple Sclerosis Society FAV NMSS Support Testimony HB 709 Shannon Wood.pdf HGO
Lee, Jamal Breasia Productions FAV Oral Testimony
HB709_FAV_Jamal Lee.pdf
Popham, Bryson Bryson F. Popham, P.A. FWA Oral Testimony
HB 709 - MAHU_FWA.pdf
Koravos, JoAnne Montgomery County Women's Democratic Club FAV WDC Testimony HB0709-2022_FINAL.pdf HGO
DeMarco, Vincent FAV Oral Testimony
Taylor, Allison Kaiser Permanente INFO HB 709_Small Business Subsidies_LOI.pdf HGO
Miller Smith, Nora FAV 2:17- LWVMD-HB 709- Health Benefit Exchange.pdf HGO
Law, Jonathan FAV No Testimony HGO
Baron, Peter Anne Arundel County FAV Oral Testimony
Anne Arundel County _FAV_HB 709.pdf
Costello, Christopher FAV Oral Testimony
HB0709 – Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Suppor
Chambers, william Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce FAV Oral Testimony
Egan, Ashley UULM-MD FAV Testimony in Support of HB 709 UULM-MD .docx - Goo HGO
Lane, Holly Garrett County Chamber of Commerce FWA HB0709 - Support Letter from Garrett County Chambe HGO
Rivkin, Deborah CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield FWA HB 709 Testimony FWA.pdf HGO
Frey, Paul Washington County Chamber of Commerce FAV Oral Testimony
Letter of Support HB 709.pdf
McCartney, Mikal Microenterprise Council of Maryland FAV HB 709 Microenterprise Council of Maryland_FAV.pdf HGO
Shek, Heather Maryland Department of Health INFO 3 - HB 709 - HGO - MHBE - LOI.docx.pdf HGO
Doty, Daniel Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street, Inc. FAV Letter Supporting HB 709.pdf HGO
Redicker, Jane FWA HB709 - Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small B HGO
Hudson, Lee Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA FAV hb709, small business&not-for-profit exchange subs HGO
Weldon, Richard Frederick County Chamber of Commerce FAV HGO HB709.pdf HGO
Simon, Kristi Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce FWA House Bill 709- MHBE Small Business and Nonprofit HGO
Glassman, Barry Harford County Government - County Executive FAV 2022 MGA - HB 709 - Small Business and Nonprofit H HGO
Bogdan, Henry Maryland Nonprofits FAV Oral Testimony
HB 709 to HGO Support - Small business health sub
Maryland, Prince George's County FAV Prince George's Co Exec - SUP - Bill 709.pdf HGO
Paddy, Michael Maryland Hospital Association FAV HB 709 - Maryland Health Benefit Exchange - Small HGO
Gillespie, Gary Salutation FAV HB709_CMEC_Testimony.pdf HGO
Flowers , Willie NAACP - Maryland FAV NAACP_HB-709.docx.pdf HGO
Gardner, Jan Frederick County Executive FAV HB0709_CEGardner_Support.pdf HGO
Gorski, Jessica FAV WISE Small Business and NonProfit Health Insurance HGO
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB0709_Small_Business_Insurance_MLC_FAV.pdf HGO
Dumais, Brige 1199SEIU UHE FAV HB709 Favorable Testimony.pdf HGO
Mehu, Natasha Mayor's Office of Government Relations FAV HB0709-HGO-FAV.pdf HGO
Shrestha, Leena PEN BOUTIQUE LTD. FAV maryland small business insurance support.pdf HGO
Lewis, Delegate Robbyn Maryland House of Delegates FAV DelRLewis HB709 sponsor support packet.pdf HGO
Hyde, Amber All About Benefits, LLC FAV HB709 Test AllAboutBenefits_HB709_FAV.pdf HGO
Beller, Joel Baltimore County Government FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_HB0709.pdf HGO
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