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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0618 - Maryland Parental Rights Act

Ways and Means 2/24/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 10/6/2022 12:24:37 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Cox, Delegate Cox FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Adams, Amy FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Taylor, Mary Baltimore County Parent And Student Coalition FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Leadbetter, Shannon COMPS FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Lawson, Belinda FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Jordan, Lisae C Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) UNF Parental rights - anti sex ed bill - testimony - h W&M
Kimball, Katie FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Hartman, Laura N/A FAV HB618 Testimony.pdf W&M
sanders, katie FAV HB0618.pdf W&M
Sanders, Cliff FAV sanders.HB0618.pdf W&M
Williams, Peggy FAV No Testimony W&M
aichenbaum, jeff FAV HB618 FAVORABLE.pdf W&M
Goshorn, Melissa FAV SUPPORT HB0618.pdf W&M
Love, William FAV No Testimony W&M
Edmondson, Caitlin FAV Feb 2022 Written Testimony.pdf W&M
Ortiz, Jeanette AACPS UNF HB618 MD Parental Rights 2.24.22.pdf W&M
Cox, Robin FAV MD General Assembly HB0618 Letter of SUPPORT for.p W&M
Ennis, Ella FAV HB 0618 - Parental Rights - FAVORABLE - MFRW-fina W&M
Woolums, John Maryland Assn. of Boards of Education UNF HB 618.Maryland Parental Rights Act.pdf W&M
Wong, Abby FreeState Justice UNF Oral Testimony
HB618 2022-02-22 Testimony of FreeState Justice to
mcavoy, vince FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Elbourn, James FAV No Testimony W&M
Ditraglia, Frank FAV No Testimony W&M
Stroble, Patricia FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Bako, Victoria FAV Support HB618 VBako.pdf W&M
Gardiner, Shamoyia Strong Schools Maryland UNF House Bill 618_Oppose.docx.pdf W&M
Cox, Genevieve FAV Support of HB618.pdf W&M
Diefenbach, Linda FAV HB618support.pdf W&M
Canning, Mariam FAV HB0168.pdf W&M
Gilford, Amy FAV HB618 testiomony Parents Bill of Rights (1).pdf W&M
Zubko-Cunha, Jacquelin FAV Maryland-SUPPORT HB618-Parental Rights Act.pdf W&M
Parvis, Lindsay Family & Juvenile Law Section - MSBA UNF Testimony HB 618 - Oppose.pdf W&M
McGuire, Samantha American Atheists UNF Oral Testimony
American Atheists MD HB 618.pdf
Fair, Kristopher The Frederick Center UNF Oral Testimony W&M
Khatami, Mahin FAV Oral Testimony
Khatami Attachment A-2-23-2022.pdf
Elliott, Robyn UNF 2021 ACNM HB 618 House Side.docx.pdf
2022 HB 618 House Side.pdf
2022 MCHS HB 618 House Side.pdf
2022 MNA HB 618 House Side.pdf
Tiffin, Scott UNF 2022 LCPCM HB 618 House Side.pdf
2022 MASBHC HB 618 House Side (2).pdf
NASW hb 618 House Side.pdf
Cox, Dan Member, House of Delegates, Maryland General Assembly FAV Cox.Fav Testimony.HB618 Maryland Parental Rights A W&M
Smith, Eric Winning Strategies: Fatherhood, The Courts & Custody, Incorporated FAV No Testimony W&M
Lamb, Lauren Maryland State Education Association UNF HB618_MSEA_Lamb_UNF.pdf W&M
McIntosh, Angela FAV HB1089 W&M
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