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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0565 - Health Facilities - Hospitals - Medical Debt Protection

Health and Government Operations 2/16/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 5/24/2022 5:56:13 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Charkoudian, Delegate Charkoudian FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Warman, Christopher FAV HB565 - Warman Testimony.pdf HGO
Hennen, Amy FAV Oral Testimony
HB565 MVLS Testimony.pdf
Ehrhardt, Carl FAV Carl Ehrhardt - End Medical Debt Testimony.pdf HGO
Alexander, Richard Medstar Washington Hospital Center FAV 0220_JHH_PreyingOnPatients_Report-opt.pdf
Testimony of Richard Alexander, National Nurses Un
Mackey, Tiffany FAV MedicalDebtHB565Testimony.pdf HGO
Council, Mark FAV Medical Debt Testimony_HousingOurNeighbors.pdf HGO
Jones, Councilman Julian FAV Council Chair Julian Jones Testimony.pdf HGO
McKenna, Declan FAV HB0565_DeclanMcKenna.pdf
Patoka, Izzy Baltimore County Council District 2 FAV Medical Debt Letter of Support_Councilman Patoka . HGO
Clark, Tom IBEW 26 FAV HB-565-bill.pdf HGO
Miller, Eric FAV No Testimony HGO
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB0565_Medical_Debt_Protection_MLC_FAV.pdf HGO
Snyder, Stephen FAV EMD Submitted testimony 2-12-2021 ses.pdf HGO
MacMillan, Jackie Bus Workgroup 14 FAV HCN Testimony HB 565 .pdf HGO
Palmisano, Anna Marylanders for Patient Rights FAV HB565_FAVORABLE_Marylanders for Patient Rights.pdf HGO
Bullis, Michael IMAGE center of Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
HB565 Medical Debt Protection Act.pdf
Jefferson , Stacey Marylanders Against Poverty FAV MAP - HB 565 - Medical Debt - Support (002).pdf HGO
Grosman, Katharina FAV Medical Debt Protection Act Testimony.pdf HGO
Gaber, Corey FAV BTU Testimony in support of HB 565_ SB 514.pdf HGO
Camlin, April FAV HB565 testimony.pdf HGO
Elliott, Richard DeShay Prince George's County Young Democrats FAV Legislative Testimony 565.pdf HGO
Mostris, Nick FAV Oral Testimony
Charkoudian, Lorig FAV HB565_Delegate Lorig Charkoudian.pdf HGO
Egan, Ashley UULM-MD FAV HB 565 Medical Debt Protection Act- Support UULM-M HGO
Stephen, David Metropolitan Washington Council FAV 2021.02.11 testimony - Medical Debt Act.pdf HGO
Lipscomb, Melinda FAV HB565 testimony.pdf HGO
Bartlett, Olivia DoTheMostGood FAV HB565-FAV-DTMG-2-16-21.pdf HGO
Whitley, Cherquira FAV Medical Debt Testimony.pdf HGO
Esposito, Ashley FAV HB565 A. Esposito Testimony.pdf HGO
Koravos, JoAnne Montgomery County Women's Democratic Club FAV WDC Testimony HB0565-FINAL.pdf HGO
Bell, Pamela FAV HB0565_Bell_FAV.pdf HGO
Millar, Amy UFCW Local 1994 MCGEO FAV Testimony Medical Debt HB 565.pdf HGO
Holt, Chrissy Our Revolution Maryland FAV HB565 - Favorable - ORMD pdf.pdf HGO
Office of Governmental Affairs, Maryland Department of Health Maryland Dept. of Health INFO 18a - HB 565 - HGO- MDH - LOI.pdf HGO
Bennardi, Maryland Department of Health /Office of Governmen Maryland Dept. of Health FWA 18b -HB 565- HGO - HSCRC-LOIWA.pdf HGO
Hsu, Valerie FAV HB 565 Medical Debt Protection Act Testimony.pdf HGO
Bosco, Jenifer National Consumer Law Center FAV MD 2021 session medical debt HB 565 NCLC fin.pdf HGO
Ericson, Keith INFO Oral Testimony
Stevenson, Christopher 1199SEIU FAV Testimony-HB565- Medical Debt.pdf HGO
Black, Ashley Public Justice Center FAV Oral Testimony
HB 565_PJC_Support.pdf
Gross, Tal INFO written-testimony.pdf HGO
Paddy, Michael Maryland Insurance Administration INFO HB 565 LOI MIA.pdf HGO
Barber, John FAV John Barber HB0565 Testimony.pdf HGO
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy FAV HB 565_MDCEP_FAV.pdf HGO
Cantori, Renee FAV Note Feb 10 2021 at 11_02_29 AM.pdf HGO
Schneiderman, Franz Consumer Auto FAV testimony2021hb565ltr.pdf HGO
Klaitman, Jessica FAV End Medical Debt Testimony.pdf HGO
Wivell, Brian Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689 FAV HB0565 - Health Facilities - Hospitals - Medical D HGO
Moore, Tonaeya CASH CAMPAIGN OF MARYLAND FAV HB 565- Health Facilities - Hospitals - Medical De HGO
Witten, Jennifer Maryland Hospital Association UNF Oral Testimony
Financial Assistance slides.pdf
HB 565- Health Facilities – Hospitals – Medical De
High Deductible Health Plan Task Force Final Repor
Gregory, Michele FAV 20210211_213608803.pdf HGO
Edwards, Donna Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO FAV HB 565 - Medical Debt Protection.pdf HGO
Doogan, Suzanne Coalition Against Policing By Hopkins FAV sb565_caph_favorable.pdf HGO
Auger, Deborah FAV Deborah Auger HB565 Testimony.pdf HGO
Carney, Maedi Tanham Integrated Living Opportunities FAV letter.pdf HGO
Dwyer, Jennifer Progressive Maryland FAV PM HB0565 Testimony.pdf HGO
Crawford, Charlie Sunrise Movement Baltimore FAV MDPA Testimony Charlie Crawford.pdf HGO
Burdett, Jake Columbia Democratic Club FAV Medical Debt Protection Act Testimony.pdf HGO
DUMAIS, BRIG 1199SEIU UHE FAV Oral Testimony
EMD HB565 Favorable Testimony.pdf
Pikler, Vanessa FAV EndMedDebt.pdf HGO
Kaey, Martin FAV Testimony HB565 Favorable.pdf HGO
Muller, Franca Baltimore Teachers Union FAV FRANCA MULLER PAZ EMD Testimony HB565 & SB514.pdf HGO
Marth, Eliza FAV House Medical Debt.pdf HGO
Hartwich, Korey National Nurses United FAV 0220_JHH_PreyingOnPatients_Report-opt.pdf
Testimony of Richard Alexander, National Nurses Un
Puglionesi, Alicia FAV HB 0565 testimony.pdf HGO
Wilson, Michael UFCW Local 400 FAV 20210216Testimony in Support of HB565.pdf HGO
Schablein, Jared Lower Shore Progressive Caucus FAV LSPC HB565 Testimony Favorable.pdf HGO
O'Connor, Patricia Maryland Office of the Attorney General, Health Education and Advocacy Unit (HEAU) FAV HB0565_FAV_OAG.pdf HGO
Walsh, Michael FAV HB565 Testimony 2021-02-12 Walsh, Michael.pdf HGO
Dalto, Michael FAV Michael Dalto testimony on HB 565.pdf HGO
White, Marceline FAV Oral Testimony
MCRC Report - Gonzales Maryland Poll October 2020
Fisher, Max FAV HB565_Testimony.pdf HGO
Demchuk, Pete International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #24 FAV HB 565 Medical Debt Protection Support.pdf HGO
Wilson, Anne Sunrise Movement Baltimore FAV Wilson Medical Debt Protectn Act 02.12.2021.pdf HGO
Willinger, Lior FAV Medical Debt Protection Act _ HB565 Testimony.pdf HGO
Little, Rev. Kobi NAACP Maryland FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Muniak, Lindsey FAV Lindsey Muniak HB0565 Testimony.pdf HGO
Kilpatrick, Lance AFSCME Council 3 FAV AFSCME_FAV_HB565.pdf HGO
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