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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0472 - Primary and Secondary Education - Title IX - Notice (Hear Our Voices Act of 2022)

Ways and Means 2/10/2022 1:00:00 PM
As of: 8/9/2022 10:55:31 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Lewis, J., Delegate Lewis, J. FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Grimm, Gia FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Berkemeier, Tim UNF No Testimony W&M
Siri, Michelle The Women's Law Center of Maryland FAV HB 472 - Primary and Secondary Education – Title I W&M
Jordan, Lisae C Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) FAV Oral Testimony
Schools - Title IX Policy k-12 - testimony - House
Lewis, Delegate Jazz FAV Testimony HOV.docx (3).pdf W&M
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV No Testimony W&M
Law, Jonathan FAV No Testimony W&M
Horning, Susan Stop Abuse For Everyone UNF Maryland HB472 .pdf W&M
Kaplowitz, Richard KAP Year FAV HB472_RichardKaplowitz_FAV.pdf W&M
Smith, Eric Winning Strategies: Fatherhood, The Courts & Custody, Incorporated UNF No Testimony W&M
mcavoy, vince UNF No Testimony W&M
Benn, Sarahia FAV Policy Foundation of Maryland TESTIMONY FOR HB0472 W&M
Flynn, Addie FAV Oral Testimony W&M
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