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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0407 - Health Occupations - Health Care Staffing Shortage Emergency - Declaration and Licensing and Practice Requirements (Health Care Heroes Act of 2022)

Health and Government Operations 2/10/2022 1:30:00 PM
As of: 8/9/2022 9:26:19 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Speaker, Speaker FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Fry, Donald Greater Baltimore Committee FAV hb0407 - 2.10.22 -- Health Occupations - Health Ca HGO
DeMattos, Joseph Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) FAV Oral Testimony
HFAM Testimony HB 407.pdf
Townsend, Pegeen A. MedStar Health FAV HB 407 - Health Occupations - HC Staffing Shortage HGO
Berkemeier, Tim UNF No Testimony HGO
Greenfield, Aaron FWA LeadingAge Maryland - 2022 - HB407 - Governor's He HGO
Ciborowski, Allison LeadingAge Maryland FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Doyle, Lori FAV HB407-CBH-FAV.pdf HGO
Guyton, Nat'e University of Maryland Medical System FAV Oral Testimony HGO
Atlas, Bob Maryland Hospital Association FAV Oral Testimony
HB 407 Health Care Heroes Act - Support.pdf
Schrader, Dennis Maryland Department of Health FWA Oral Testimony HGO
Krone, Christine FWA HB0407_FWA_MdCSWC_Health Care Heroes Act of 2022.p HGO
Kauffman, Danna FWA HB0407_FWA_LifeSpan, MAADS_Health Care Heroes Act HGO
Elliott, Robyn FWA Oral Testimony
2022 MNA HB 407 House Side.pdf
Elliott, Robyn FWA 2021 MOTA SB 407 Senate Side.pdf
2022 LCPCM HB 407 House Side.pdf
2022 MCHS SB 407 Senate Bill.doc.pdf
Wise, Steve FWA HB0407_FWA_MedChi, MDACEP, MDDC Society_Health Car HGO
Kasemeyer, Pam FWA No Testimony HGO
Tiffin, Scott FWA Oral Testimony
2022 LCPCM HB 407 House Side.pdf
Kolp, Ande INFO HB407_TheArc Maryland_LOI.pdf HGO
Hessler, Therese FAV HB407_OSP_SUPPORT .pdf HGO
(MD), State of Maryland FWA 17d - HB 407 - X - HGO - Dental Board - LOSWA.docx
17e - HB 407 - X - HGO - MBON - LOSWA.docx.pdf
17g - HB 407 - X - HGO - BOP - LoSWA.docx.pdf
Whitaker, Jake FWA Oral Testimony
House Bill (HB) 407 - Health Occupations - Health
State of, Maryland INFO 17a - HB 407 - X - HGO - Audiology Bd. - LOI.docx.
17c - HB 407 – X – HGO - PHARM - LOI.docx.pdf
Maryland, State of FWA 17b - HB 407 - X - HGO - MACHO - LOSWA .doc.pdf HGO
Shek, Heather Maryland Department of Health FAV 17f - HB 407 X - HGO - MDH - LoS.docx.pdf HGO
Stevenson, Christopher 1199SEIU FAV 2022-Testimony-HB407 Health Care Heroes Act of 202 HGO
Taylor, Allison Kaiser Permanente FAV HB 407_Health Care Staffing Shortage Emergency_Sup HGO
Nicklas, Andrew Adventist HealthCare, Inc. FAV HB407 Health Care Heroes Act - Adventist HealthCar HGO
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