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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0245 - Election Law - Institutions of Higher Education - Voter Registration and Voting by Students (Student Voter Empowerment Act of 2020)

Ways and Means 2/6/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/18/2022 12:11:12 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Luedtke, Delegate Luedtke FAV No Testimony W&M
johnson, sean msea FAV HB 245_MSEA_FAV_Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson MSEA Written Testimony
Antoine, Joanne Common Cause FAV Oral Testimony
Joanne Antione
Tshiova, Debora Student UMBC & MC FAV No Testimony W&M
Novey, Sam Mile 22 FAV Oral Testimony
Sam Novey
Lesley, Ireland UMD SGA FAV Oral Testimony
Ireland Leslie UMD SGA
S, Rishi maryPIRG FAV Oral Testimony
Rishi Shah maryPirg Written Testimony
Hammer, Mike UMD Professor FAV No Testimony W&M
Diaz, Jordy Towson Student Goverment FAV Oral Testimony
Jordy Diaz Towson Student Government
Soreng, Nancy League of Women Voters FAV Oral Testimony
Nancy Soreng League of Women Voters
Wolf, Maddie MICA FAV Oral Testimony
Maddie Wolf MICA Written Testimony
Jackson, Kayla Black Girls Vote FAV Kayla Jackson Black Girls Vote Written Testimony
Mikkyo Daniels Black Girls Vote Written Testimony
Patricia Watson Black Girls Vote Written Testimony
QuaAsia Robinson Black Girls Vote
Robinson, QuaAsia Black Girls Vote FAV No Testimony W&M
Watson, Patricia Black Girls Vote FAV No Testimony W&M
McDaniel, Mikkyo Black Girls Vote FAV No Testimony W&M
fidler, sara MICUA FWA Oral Testimony
HB 245 polling places student voting SWA testiony
Morton, Brielle FAV HB 245_FAV_ACLUMD_Morton W&M
R, Annie UMD Graduate Student Government FAV Oral Testimony W&M
Clapsaddle, Mary John Hopkins FWA No Testimony W&M
Newton, Bryan MD Assoc of Community Colleges FWA Oral Testimony
HB 245 MACC FWA Bryan Newton
Hogan, Paul University Sytem of MD FWA No Testimony W&M
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