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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0242 - Criminal Procedure - Motion to Vacate Judgment - Human Trafficking (True Freedom Act of 2020)

Judiciary 1/28/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 9/17/2021 4:05:32 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Atterbeary, Delegate Atterbeary FAV Oral Testimony
ATTERBEARY HB24220200128145943
HB242 Informaton Handout
Ruth, Laure Women`s Law Center of MD FAV HB242_Women's Law Center of Maryland JUD
Westdorp, Lara WDL FAV HB242_WDL JUD
Morgan, Jessica MLAW FAV HB242_MLAW JUD
Heiman, Heather MVLS FAV HB242_MVLS HTPP JUD
Blugis, Sharon Wise FAV HB242_WISE JUD
Goodmark, Leigh Gender Violence Clinic FAV HB242_Gender Violence Clinic JUD
Procopio, Mark FreeState Justice FAV HB242_FreeState Justice JUD
Benjamin, caren Polaris FAV No Testimony JUD
phillip, diana NARAL FAV HB242_MD NARAL JUD
McKenna, patrick VCAHT FAV HB242_VCAHT JUD
Thomas, Ed ESHTTF FAV No Testimony JUD
Emerson, Jessica University of Baltimore SCHOOL OF LAW Human Trafficking Project FAV Oral Testimony
HB242_Jessica Emerson HTPP
Bruce, Donna survivor FAV No Testimony JUD
Jordan, Lisae MCASA FAV Oral Testimony
HB242 Lisae Jordan MCASA
Riley, Joe MSAA FAV No Testimony JUD
Elrich, Marc MoCo County Executive FAV HB 242_MoCo_Elrich_SUPPORT JUD
Wallerstedt, Anne MD Catholic Conference / MDHTTF FAV Oral Testimony
HB 242Anne Wallerstedt MCC.pdf
HB242_Donna Bruce
Nunez, Andrea Office of Human Trafficking Prevention, Howard Co. FAV Oral Testimony
HB242_Andrea Nunez OHTP HoCo
McCoy, Ja'Ara Baltimore Child Abuse Center FAV Oral Testimony
HB242 Ja'ara McCoy BACA
McKenzie, Shamere Sun Gate Foundation FAV No Testimony JUD
Andrews, Erin Fair Girls FAV Oral Testimony
HB242 Erin Andrews Fair Girls
Benjamin, Caren Polaris FAV HB242_Polaris JUD
Thomas, Ed Eastern Shore Human Trafficking Task Force FAV HB242_ESHTTF JUD
Witten, Jennifer Maryland Hospital Association FAV HB0242_Maryland Hospital Association JUD
Mosby, Marilyn BCSAO FAV HB242_BCSAO JUD
Olszewski, Jr., Johnny Baltimore County FAV HB242_BaltimoreCounty JUD
Caiazzo, Carol FAV HB 242 Fav PANDA JUD
Jones, Tyler MD Judiciary UNF MDJudiciary_OpposeAsDrafted_HB242_JUD_1.28 JUD
kroll, steven msaa FWA Oral Testimony JUD
reily, joe msaa FWA Oral Testimony JUD
Shapiro, Melanie OPD FAV No Testimony JUD
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