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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0209 - Plastic Bag Reduction Act

Environment and Transportation 2/11/2020 1:00:00 PM
As of: 5/19/2022 8:45:21 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Lierman, Delegate Lierman FAV Oral Testimony
Wilkerson, Alice Takoma Park FWA Takoma Park_FWA_HB 209 ENT
Jefferson, Stacey Marylanders Against Poverty INFO HB 209_MDAgainstPoverty_INFO ENT
capone, ken pog FWA Oral Testimony ENT
Kasemeyer, Pam NWRA-MDSWA FWA HB0209_NWRA_FWA_Pam Kasemeyer ENT
Proctor, Stuart Downtown Sailing Center FAV Downtown Sailing Center_HB0209_FAV ENT
County Council, Prince George's FAV PGCCouncil position statement for HB 209_FAV ENT
Ambler, Anne FAV Anne Ambler_hb 209_FAV ENT
Aiosa, Jenn Blue Water Baltimore FAV Blue Water Baltimore_HB209_FAV ENT
Turbe, Laura Neighbors of the NW Branch FAV Neighbors of the Northwest Branch_HB 209_FAV ENT
DySard, Alexandra MOM's Organic Market FAV MOMS_HB0209_FAV ENT
peterson, matt FAV HB209_FAV_STAC ENT
Garman, Margaret FAV Margaret Garman_HB209_FAV ENT
Phillips, Kathy Assateague Coastal Trust FAV Assateague Coastal Trust_HB0209_FAV ENT
Frederiksson, Ryan National Aquarium FAV National Aquarium_HN209-FAV ENT
Wilson, Michael J Maryland Hunger Solutions FWA Oral Testimony
Testimony on House Bill 209 (002)
Thomas-Wilhite, Carmera CBF FAV CBF_HB209_FAV ENT
Rose, Jodi Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake FAV Interfaith_PC_HB209_FAV ENT
Mehu, Natasha MACo FWA Oral Testimony
HB0209_FWA_MACo_Natasha Mehu
Trumbauer, Tim Shore Rivers FAV ShoreRivers_HB209_FAV ENT
McQuillan, Niamh FAV Niamh McQuillan_HB 209_FAV ENT
Kania, Priscilla FAV Priscilla Kania_Testimony HB209_FAV ENT
Curry, Shawna FAV Shawna Curry_hb209_FAV ENT
Noveau, Barbara Do The Most Good FAV Do The Most Good Testimony--HB209_FAV ENT
Schwartz, Laurie Waterfront Partnership FAV Waterfront Partnership_HB209_FAV ENT
Niefeld-Batiz, Alisa FAV Alisa Niefeld Batiz_Compiled_HB209_FAV ENT
Linquist, Adam Healthy Harbor FAV Healthy Harbor_Adam Linquist_HB 209_FAV ENT
Thompson, Elvia Annapolis Green FAV Annapolis Green_Elvia Thompson_HB 209_FAV ENT
abbott, tyler mde INFO HB209 - MDE ENT
Olsen, Susan FAV Susan_Olsen_House Bill 209_FAV ENT
Shahinian, Rev Kathy Episcopal Diocese of Md FAV HB 209 Episcopal Diocese of Md FAV ENT
Ayira, A. Adar Associated Black Charities FWA ABC HB209 Amendment ENT
Wilson, Michael J MD Hunger Solutions FWA No Testimony ENT
Coone, Bente Plastic Free QAC FAV Plastic Free QAC_HB 209 Bag Ban Testimony_FAV ENT
Seaholm, Matt American Recyclabe Plastic Bag Alliance FWA Oral Testimony
ARPBA Testimony Matt Seaholm FWA HB209
Gallagher, Patrice Frederick Zero Waste Alliance FAV Frederick Zero Waste Alliance_HB-209_FAV ENT
Bullock, John Baltimore City Council FAV Bullock_Balt City Council_HB209_FAV ENT
Niefeld-Batiz, Alisa Less Plastic Please/ Howard High School FAV Howard High School_Less Plastic Please_HB209_FAV ENT
Harbeson, Kristen MDLCV FAV MDLCV_HB209_FAV ENT
Stein, Abby AF & PA UNF Oral Testimony
2020-02-11 AFPA letter MD House Bill 209
Bellamy, Lorenzo UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Snyder, Kari Southeast CDC FAV SECDC_HB209 ENT
Ewall, Mike Energy Justice Network FWA Oral Testimony
HB 209 - FWA - Energy Justice Network
Johnson, Robert FWA No Testimony ENT
Locklair, Cailey MD Retailers Association FAV Retailers_One Pager Bag Pricing info_HB209_FAV ENT
Eck, Raimee Maryland Public Health Assc FAV MD PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOC_HB209_FAV ENT
Rigby, Christiana Howard County Council FAV No Testimony ENT
Kelton, Zeki Energy Justice Network FWA Oral Testimony ENT
Kania, Priscilla WISE FAV No Testimony ENT
Rodvien, Lisa Anne Arundel County Council FAV Councilwoman Rodvien AA_HB 209_FAV ENT
Wilson, Michael J MD Hunger Solutions FWA HB 209 Sign on letter ENT
Merry, Joanna University of MD School of Social Work FAV Joanna Merry_HB 209_FAV ENT
Samman, Amy Montgomery County Executive FWA HB 209_MoCo_Elrich_SWA ENT
Breimann, Kate Environment MD FAV Oral Testimony
Environment MD_HB209_FAV
Blendy, Nicholas FAV BCA_HB209_FAV ENT
Breimann, Kate Env MD FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Tolle, Cailey MD Retailers Association FAV Oral Testimony ENT
X, Maria FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Glaros, Danielle Prince George's County FAV Oral Testimony ENT
iliff, jesse arundel rivers federation FAV Oral Testimony
HB0209_ Arundel Rivers Federation_FAV_Jesse Iliff
Mahoney, Mayor Chesapeake Beach MD FAV No Testimony ENT
Dysard, Alexandra MOMs FAV No Testimony ENT
Ainsworth, Martha Sierra Club FAV Oral Testimony
Klein, Marshall Shoprite FAV No Testimony ENT
Johnston, Matt Anne Arundel County FAV Oral Testimony
Matt Johnston_HB 0209_FAV
Thompson, Melvin Restaurant Association of Maryland UNF Oral Testimony ENT
King, Eric Sea King/Pig Pickers BBQ UNF Oral Testimony ENT
Merry, Joanna UMD SOCIAL WORK FAV No Testimony ENT
Thomas, Carmera CBF FAV No Testimony ENT
Steinberg, Eddie JS Fine Mens Clothing FAV No Testimony ENT
Chispa, Ramon MDLCV FAV No Testimony ENT
Robinson, Shane Trash Free MD FAV Oral Testimony
Trash Free MD_Robinson_HB209_FAV
Holmes, Tia Prince George's County Government FAV HB 209_ENT_SUP_2.11 - Submitted ENT
Locklair, Cailey Md Retailers Association FAV Oral Testimony
Maryland HB 209 Workgroup Amendments[1]
Kophengnavong, Nicholas Bmore Beyond Plastic FAV No Testimony ENT
Bankey, Laura National Aquarium FAV No Testimony ENT
Weiland, Billy Assateague Coastal Trust FAV No Testimony ENT
Sawtell, Greg United Workers FAV No Testimony ENT
Thompson, Elvia ANNAPOLIS green FAV No Testimony ENT
wojahn, patrick city of college park FAV No Testimony ENT
potyraj, thomas FAV No Testimony ENT
Owens, Juno Bmore Beyond Plastic FAV Oral Testimony ENT
wojahn, patrick city of college park FAV HB209FAVCity of College Park ENT
Owens, Juno Baltimore Beyond Plastic FAV No Testimony ENT
Kemerer, Hannibal OAG FAV HB209_FAV_AG02114420200211124810 ENT
Rigby, Christiana Howard County Council FAV Howard County Council_HB209 Support ENT
Memmel, Mandy The Well FAV The Well Testimony HB209 Fav ENT
Mislan, Darin Fells Point Main St FAV FELLS POINT MAIN STREET ENT
Burnett, Karisterfer Baltimore City Council FAV HB209 Fav Baltimore City Council ENT
Taylor, Malcolm Surf Rider FAV HB209 Surf Rider FAV ENT
Thompson, Melvin Restaurant Assoc. MD UNF HB209_UNF_Restaurant Assoc. MD20200228153904 ENT
Houstle, Pete Maryland Recycling Network FAV HB209_FAV_MCN20200310102045 ENT
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