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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0129 - Environment - Mold Inspections - Standards, Reporting, and Penalties

Environment and Transportation 1/20/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 9/26/2022 4:10:03 PM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Henson, Delegate Henson FAV No Testimony ENT
Sarro, Lisa Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony
ACDS Testimony by Lisa Sarro in Support of HB 129.
Welch, Kenneth Maryland Conference of Local Environmental Health Directors UNF Oral Testimony
HB 129 Mold Jan 2021 Final.pdf
Pratt, Toni FAV Oral Testimony
Pratt Testimony.pdf
May, Lisa Maryland REALTORS UNF Oral Testimony
HB 129.pdf
Losak, Matthew Montgomery County Renters Alliance, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony
Testimony in Favor HB129 Mold Remediation. Matt Lo
abbott, tyler MDE INFO HB 129_MDE_LOI.pdf ENT
Smeton, Jonathan SURJ Baltimore FAV HB 129 - Establish Mold Inspections in Public Faci ENT
Kasemeyer, Pam Schwartz, Metz & Wise, P.A. FAV HB0129_FAV_MedChi, MDAAP_Mold Inspections - Standa ENT
Butler, Alex Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) UNF Oral Testimony
Gilmore , Denise AFSCME Maryland FAV HB129_AFSCME3_FAV.pdf ENT
Johnson , Bernard AFSCME Local 3661 FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Ye, webster MDH UNF 6 - E&T - HB129 - – Environment – Mold Inspections ENT
Stern, Isadora FAV HB129_MCRC_FAV.pdf ENT
goedeke, chris FAV BILL 1540.pdf ENT
Greenfield, Aaron UNF Oral Testimony
MMHA - 2021 - HB 129 - mold(2).pdf
Lott, Gretel FAV support HB0129 and SB0070.pdf ENT
Wilkins, Katherine FAV Mold_Inspection_Support.pdf ENT
Sell, Jennifer SURJ3A FAV Establish Mold Inspections in Public Facilities_Te ENT
Shah, Zafar FAV Oral Testimony
Bolton Hill Residents Assoc_FAV_HB129.pdf
Renters United MD_FAV_HB129.pdf
Legal Aid, Maryland Maryland Legal Aid FAV Oral Testimony
HB129 Testimony in Support from Maryland Legal Aid
Norton, Ruth Ann Green & Healthy Homes Initiative FAV Oral Testimony
GHHI Written Testimony - HB129.pdf
Graf, Lori Maryland Building Industry Association UNF MBIA HB 129 Testimony.pdf ENT
Ballentine, Tom UNF hb0129 - Mold Inspections - Standards, Reporting a ENT
Wilson, Maurice FAV Oral Testimony ENT
Bradley, Erin UNF HB 129--AOBA--UNF.pdf ENT
Henson, Delegate FAV Indoor Air Quality .pdf ENT
Girdner, Linnie FAV ML Support HB0129.pdf ENT
Ralph, Tiffany Bolton House Residents Association FAV Tiffany Ralph-Fav-HB129.pdf ENT
Fiore, Justin Maryland Municipal League FWA Oral Testimony
HB 129_FWA_MML.pdf
Mehu, Natasha Mayor's Office of Government Relations INFO HB0129-ENT-LOI.pdf ENT
Mitchell, Micah FAV Oral Testimony
mold 3.pdf
Mold photo 1.pdf
Wright, Tameka FAV Oral Testimony
Tameka Wright.pdf
Guthrie, Tisha FAV No Testimony ENT
A. Fiore, Justin Maryland Municipal League INFO House Bill 0129 _ Local amendments ENT
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