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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0052 - Real Property - Eviction Actions - Alterations in Actions for Repossession

Judiciary 2/17/2021 1:30:00 PM
As of: 8/11/2022 5:37:35 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Wells, Delegate Wells FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Diamond, Joanna Health Care for the Homeless FAV Oral Testimony
Health Care for the Homeless - HB 52 FAV - Evictio
Brodsky-Simon, Sarah FAV HB52 Sarah Brodsky-Simon Testimony.pdf JUD
Trusty, Robyn Saul Ewing Civil Advocacy Clinic Univ. of Baltimore School of Law FAV Oral Testimony
HB 52 Testimony_Robyn Trusty UB Civil Advocacy Cli
Elalamy, Sara Maryland Judiciary UNF MD Judiciary - Testimony HB 52.pdf JUD
Landers, Claire FAV Oral Testimony
HB52-FAV - Claire Landers, JUFJ (1).pdf
Klingenmaier, Lisa Catholic Charities of Baltimore FAV CC - HB52 - Eviction Diversion - FAV.docx.pdf JUD
Romano, Max Healthcare for the Homeless, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Kraska, MJ Maryland Catholic Conference FAV MD Catholic Conference_FAV_HB0052.pdf JUD
Hatfield, Carisa HPRP FAV Oral Testimony
Homeless Persons Representation Project_FAV_HB 52.
Brauer, Rachel Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Stern, Isadora FAV HB52_MCRC_FAV.pdf JUD
Kasemeyer, Pam Schwartz, Metz & Wise, P.A. FAV HB0052_FAV_MedChi_Alterations for Repossession & E JUD
Shah, Zafar FAV Oral Testimony
Public Justice Center - FAV - HB 52.pdf
Renters United Maryland - Informational Testimony-
Dowridge, Detrese FAV Oral Testimony
RTHA Testimony FAV HB 52 Eviction Diversion (1).pd
Jefferson , Stacey Marylanders Against Poverty FAV MAP - HB 52- Eviction Diversion Program- FAVORABLE JUD
Plante, Cecilia Maryland Legislative Coalition FAV HB0052_Eviction_Diversion_Program_MLC_FAV.pdf JUD
Keraga, Kyle University of Maryland Carey School of Law - Public Health Law Clinic FAV Oral Testimony
HB52 Written Testimony FINAL.pdf
Page, Christopher Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Morrisey , Chief Judge John Maryland Judiciary UNF Oral Testimony JUD
Shah, Reena Maryland Access to Justice Commission FAV Oral Testimony
2021.02.15 - A2JC Written Testimony - HB0052 - Evi
Greenfield, Aaron UNF MMHA - 2021 - HB 52 - Eviction Diversion.pdf JUD
Howard, Katherine Regional Management, Inc. UNF Oral Testimony JUD
Stewart, Joshua Not Applicable FWA Oral Testimony
HB52 - Mediation Clinic Testimony - Support w:Amen
Legal Aid, Maryland Maryland Legal Aid FAV Oral Testimony
Testimony HB 52.pdf
Sarro, Lisa Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. FAV Oral Testimony
HB 52 -ACDS Testimony in Support of HB 52 (Evictio
Worsham, Tessa UNF HB0052.pdf JUD
Guerin, Toby FWA Oral Testimony JUD
Little, Rev. Kobi NAACP Maryland FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Warren, Cory Disability Rights Maryland FAV Disability Rights MarylandSupportBill#HB52 (CW.RCM JUD
Overholser, Leslie Community Mediation Maryland FWA HB0052 Community Mediation Maryland Testimony w am JUD
Ennis, Michele Tri Community Mediation FWA Oral Testimony JUD
Crutchfield, Adria Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership FAV HB 52.pdf JUD
Castelli, William UNF HB 52.pdf JUD
Schumitz, Kali Maryland Center on Economic Policy FAV HB 52_MDCEP_FAV.pdf JUD
Siri, Michelle The Delivery of Legal Services Section Council for the MSBA FAV HB 52 - Real Property - Alterations in Actions for JUD
Graf, Lori Maryland Building Industry Association UNF MBIA Testimony HB 52.pdf JUD
Ortega, Chelsea Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC FAV HB 52 Eviction Diversion.pdf JUD
King, John Strong Future Maryland FAV Oral Testimony
Zeimer, Matan Jews United for Justice (JUFJ) FAV HB52 - FAV - Anna Levy.pdf
HB52 - FAV - Debra Band.pdf
HB52 - FAV - Jeffrey Rubin.pdf
HB52 - FAV - Mark Martin.pdf
HB52 - FAV - Michael English.pdf
HB52-FAV-Broadview Apts.pdf
Bradford, Mary Beyond the Boundaries FAV HB 52 BTB support.pdf JUD
Conner, Charles Office of the Baltimore County Executive FAV BaltimoreCounty_FAV_HB0052.pdf JUD
Merriam, Chris FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Taylor, Pernetha FAV Oral Testimony JUD
Wilson Randall, Claudia FAV CDN HB 52 FAVORABLE.pdf JUD
Britt, Adiena N/A FAV No Testimony JUD
Ford, Tracee FWA Oral Testimony JUD
Jung, Roy Office of the Attorney General -- Legislative Affairs Unit FAV 2021-02-17 HB 52 (Support).pdf JUD
Bradley, Erin UNF Oral Testimony
HB 52-AOBA-UNF.pdf
Watson, Delegate Ron AMENDMENT INFO HB0052-473523-01 ENT
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