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Committee Testimony and Witness Signup

HB0044 - Correctional Services – Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals – Substance Use Disorder Assessment and Treatment

Judiciary 2/28/2023 1:00:00 PM
As of: 12/4/2023 11:41:31 AM
Name Organization Position Testimony Committee
Delegate Lopez, Delegate Lopez FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Lee, Mickey UNF No Testimony JUD
Beskid, Jennifer Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services INFO _SB190_HB44 Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals - Su JUD
Jasen, Debi FAV No Testimony JUD
sirkel, jess UNF No Testimony JUD
Brocato, Deborah UNF In Person - Oral Testimony
2023 HB44 Written testimony.pdf
Elliott, Robyn FWA 2023 ACNM HB 44 House Side FWA.pdf
2023 MNA HB 44 House Side FWA.pdf
Jefferson , Stacey Behavioral Health System Baltimore FAV HB 44_Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals SUD Assess JUD
Duffy, Suzanne Concerned Citizen UNF No Testimony JUD
Pedersen, Stacy UNF No Testimony JUD
Lopez, Lesley FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 44 Sponsor Testimony.pdf
HB0044-643520-01 (003).pdf
Letter of Support - MD Psychiatric Society/Washing
Schagrin, Judith National Association of Social Workers - Maryland Chapter FAV NASW Maryland - 2023 HB 44 FAV - Pregnant Women in JUD
Wireman, Kim Maryland Addiction Directors Council FAV MD Addiction Directors Council - 2023 FAV HB 44 - JUD
Rosen-Cohen, Nancy NCADD-Maryland FAV NCADD-MD - 2023 HB 44 FAV - Pregnant Women in Jail JUD
Barnwell, Brian Maryland Catholic Conference FAV Maryland Catholic Conference_FAV_HB44.pdf JUD
Grollmes, Joshua MATOD FAV MATOD - 2023 HB 44 FAV - Pregnant Women SUD Treatm JUD
Whetsell, Scott Maryland-DC Society of Addiction Medicine FAV MDDCSAM - 2023 HB 44 FAV - Pregnant Women Incarcer JUD
Rojas, Psalms Marian House FAV Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals - HB44.pdf JUD
Sims, Brian Maryland Hospital Association FAV HB44_PregnantIncarceratedIndividualsSUDTx_LOS-CF.p JUD
Sirkel, Robin UNF No Testimony JUD
Vernon, Michael UNF No Testimony JUD
Polsky, Larry Maryland Association of County Health Officers FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
HB 44 - Correct Serv - Preg Incarc Indiv - SUD Ass
brenner, loretta UNF No Testimony JUD
Hilliard, Elizabeth Maryland Office of the Public Defender FAV No Testimony JUD
Taylor, Vanita Office of the Public Defender FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Allen, Emily Mental Health Association of Maryland FAV HB0044 Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals.pdf JUD
Gudlavalleti, Rajani Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition FAV HB44_Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals_BHRC_FAVORA JUD
Haven, Kimberly FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Williams, Peggy UNF No Testimony JUD
Frey, Leslie Montgomery County FWA AODAAC HB44 2023.pdf JUD
Siri, Michelle The Women's Law Center of Maryland FAV HB 44 - WLCMD - FAV.pdf JUD
Elbourn, James UNF No Testimony JUD
Kolakoski, Virginia UNF No Testimony JUD
Ditraglia, Frank UNF No Testimony JUD
(MD), State of Maryland FWA 21 - HB 44 - JUD - MACHO - SAA.docx.pdf JUD
Kasemeyer, Pam FAV HB0044_FAV_MedChi, MDACOG_Corr. Serv. - Pregnant I JUD
Themelis, Nina Mayor's Office of Government Relations FAV HB0044-JUD-FAV.pdf JUD
Lang, Alan UNF No Testimony JUD
Diefenbach, Linda UNF No Testimony JUD
Diefenbach, Klaus UNF No Testimony JUD
Hanson, Nicole Out for Justice FAV In Person - Oral Testimony
Testimony, All N/A Merged Testimony as of 3-8-2023 at 1051 AM JUD
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