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Statutes Affected - IV - Judiciary Department - (c4)

Section Bill Action Bill Number
1 amended SB0393, HB0474, HB0484
3 added SB0596, SB0703, HB0518, HB1402
3 amended SB0393, SB0415, HB0011, HB0474, HB0484, HB1038
3 repealed SB0596, SB0703, HB0518, HB1402
3A amended SB0393, HB0011, HB0474
4B amended SB0393, HB0474
5 added SB0703, HB1402
5 amended SB0415, HB1038
5 repealed SB0596, SB0703, HB0518, HB1402
5A amended SB0393, SB0415, HB0011, HB0474, HB1038
5A repealed SB0596, HB0518
5B added SB0703, HB0011, HB1402
8 amended HB0484
10 amended SB0393, HB0474
11 amended SB0415, SB0596, HB0518, HB1038
12 amended SB0596, HB0518
14 amended SB0266, SB0393, HB0341, HB0474
14B repealed SB0596, HB0518
15 amended SB0393, HB0474
16 amended SB0393, HB0474
17 amended SB0393, HB0474
18 amended SB0393, HB0474
18B added HB0011
18B amended SB0596, HB0518
18B repealed HB0011
22 amended SB0393, HB0474
27 added HB0484
41D amended HB0011
41D repealed SB0596, HB0518
41E amended SB0393, HB0474
Last Updated: 8/19/2020 12:49 PM
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