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Statutes Text

Article - Transportation


    (a)    (1)    With the concurrence of the local government, the Administration may require any developer of an industrial, commercial, or apartment area along a highway maintained by the Administration to construct sidewalks parallel to the highway.

        (2)    The construction of these sidewalks shall meet the conditions specified in entrance permits and the standards adopted by the Administration or the local government.

    (b)    Sidewalks may not be required under this section if the Administration determines that:

        (1)    The establishment of sidewalks would be contrary to public safety;

        (2)    The cost of establishing the sidewalks would be too great considering the need for them or their probable use; or

        (3)    The sparsity of population, the existence of other available ways, or any other factor indicates that there is no need for the sidewalks.

    (c)    After sidewalks are constructed under this section, they shall be maintained and repaired by the political subdivision in which they are located.

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