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Article - Transportation


    (a)    (1)    The development of improved and expanded railroad facilities, railroad services, transit facilities, and transit services operating as a unified and coordinated regional transportation system, and the realization of transit–oriented development throughout the State, represent transportation purposes that are essential for the satisfactory movement of people and goods, the alleviation of present and future traffic congestion, the economic welfare and vitality, and the development of the metropolitan area of Baltimore and other political subdivisions of the State.

        (2)    The establishment of the realization of transit–oriented development as a transportation purpose under paragraph (1) of this subsection may not be construed to:

            (i)    Limit the authority of local governments to govern land use as established under any other law; or

            (ii)    Grant the State or a department of the State additional authority to supersede local land use and planning authority.

    (b)    It is the policy of this title to create a regional transportation system in the District that will provide compatibility with other contiguous or neighboring systems.

    (c)    The desired regional transportation system cannot be achieved by the unilateral action of any one political subdivision, but requires action by this State through a State agency that is politically responsive to local needs and will assure that the development of the regional transportation system fosters general development plans for this State, the region, and the local development plans of the participating political subdivisions.

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