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Article - Transportation


    (a)    In its operation of an airport, airport facility, or air navigation facility owned or controlled by this State, the Administration, with the approval of the Secretary and subject to the direction of the Commission, may contract, lease, or otherwise arrange with any person to:

        (1)    Provide the person with services furnished by the Administration or its agents at the airport or facility; or

        (2)    Grant to the person the privilege of:

            (i)    Using or improving for commercial purposes any part of the airport or facility; or

            (ii)    Supplying services, facilities, goods, commodities, or other things at the airport or facility.

    (b)    (1)    For the privileges granted, the Administration may establish any terms and conditions and fix any charges, rentals, or fees that:

            (i)    Are reasonable and uniform for the same class of privilege or service;

            (ii)    Are established with due regard to the property and improvements used and the expenses of operation to this State; and

            (iii)    Do not deprive the public of its rightful, equal, and uniform use of any part of the airport or facility.

        (2)    The Administration shall monitor the charges, fees, or prices of any goods or services offered to the public by persons granted the privilege under this section. Every contract, lease, or other arrangement shall provide that charges, fees, or prices:

            (i)    May not be increased without the prior approval of the Administration; and

            (ii)    Are to be reasonable. In determining reasonableness the Administration shall consider the charges, fees, or prices for the same goods or services at comparable airports.

        (3)    The Administration shall:

            (i)    Monitor the employment practices under Title 20, Subtitle 6 of the State Government Article of persons granted privileges under this section; and

            (ii)    Refer for investigation all alleged violations of § 20–606 of the State Government Article to the Commission on Civil Rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or any appropriate State or federal administrative body.

    (c)    (1)    In this subsection, “commercial activity” means the sale, merchandising, marketing, or promotion of any goods or services.

        (2)    Commercial activity is permitted at an airport operated by the Administration only when expressly authorized by and in a manner prescribed by the Administration.

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