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Article - Transportation


    (a)    In this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Administration” means the Maryland Aviation Administration.

    (c)    (1)    “Aeronautics” means the science and art of flight.

        (2)    “Aeronautics” includes:

            (i)    Transportation by aircraft;

            (ii)    The operation, construction, repair, or maintenance of aircraft, aircraft power plants, and their accessories;

            (iii)    The repair, packing, and maintenance of parachutes;

            (iv)    The design, acquisition, establishment, construction, extension, operation, improvement, repair, regulation, or maintenance of airports, airport facilities, and air navigation facilities; and

            (v)    Instruction in flying and related ground subjects.

    (d)    (1)    “Air navigation facility” means any facility that is used in, available for use in, or designed for use in the aid of air navigation.

        (2)    “Air navigation facility” includes any one or more or combination of structures, mechanisms, lights, beacons, markers, communication systems, and other instrumentalities or devices useful or designed for use as an aid or constituting an advantage or convenience to the safe taking off, navigation, and landing of aircraft or the safe and efficient operation or maintenance of an airport or airport facility.

    (e)    “Aircraft” means any device used or designed for navigation of or flight in the air.

    (f)    “Airport” means any area established for the landing and taking off of aircraft, including any appurtenant airport facilities.

    (g)    “Airport facility” includes any one or more or combination of:

        (1)    Lands, airfield improvements, terminal area improvements, general aviation facilities, air cargo facilities, general site improvements, utilities, roads, streets, parking lots, and other facilities useful or designed for use in connection with the operation of an airport; and

        (2)    All other appurtenances and equipment useful or designed for use in the handling of air carrier service, general aviation activities, and other related activities.

    (h)    “Airport hazard” means any structure, tree or other vegetation, or use of land that:

        (1)    Obstructs the airspace required for the landing and taking off of aircraft at an airport;

        (2)    Is hazardous to the landing or taking off of aircraft at an airport; or

        (3)    Interferes with communication between an airport and aircraft.

    (i)    “Commission” means the Maryland Aviation Commission.

    (j)    “Executive Director” means the Executive Director of the Maryland Aviation Administration.

    (k)    “Operate aircraft” means to navigate, pilot, or otherwise use aircraft in the air or on land or water.

    (l)    “Police officer” means any State or local officer authorized to make arrests for violations of State or local laws.

    (m)    “Structure” means any object constructed or placed on or above the ground, including any building, fence, derrick, haystack, pole, wire, tower, or smokestack.

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