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Article - Transportation


    (a)    In this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Authority” means the Maryland Transportation Authority.

    (c)    “Cost”, as applied to any transportation facilities project, includes the cost of and all expenses incident to the construction, reconstruction, acquisition, improvement, extension, alteration, modernization, planning, maintenance, and repair of the project, including the cost and expenses of:

        (1)    All property acquired in connection with it;

        (2)    Financial, architectural, consulting, engineering, and legal services;

        (3)    Plans, specifications, surveys, estimates, feasibility reports, and direct and indirect labor, material, equipment, and administrative expenses; and

        (4)    Financing the project, including financing charges and interest before, during, and for 1 year after completion of construction.

    (d)    “Outstanding and unpaid” does not include:

        (1)    Bonds purchased and held in sinking funds by or for the Authority; or

        (2)    If the money for their payment or redemption has been provided:

            (i)    Matured bonds not presented for payment; or

            (ii)    Bonds called for redemption but not presented for redemption.

    (e)    “Refunding” means the retirement and cancellation of bonds, including revenue bonds of prior issues, after their acquisition by or for the Authority, whether before, at, or after maturity, either in exchange for other bonds or by payment, purchase, or redemption with the proceeds of the sale of other bonds.

    (f)    “Resolution”, as used with respect to the Authority, means a resolution adopted by the affirmative vote of a majority of the appointed members of the Authority and concurred in by the Chairman.

    (g)    “Revenue bonds of prior issues” means:

        (1)    “State of Maryland Bridge and Tunnel Revenue Bonds” dated as of October 1, 1954;

        (2)    “State of Maryland Northeastern Expressway Revenue Bonds” dated as of January 1, 1962;

        (3)    “State of Maryland Bridge and Tunnel Revenue Bonds”:

            (i)    “(Series 1968)” dated as of October 1, 1968; and

            (ii)    “(Series 1975)” dated as of July 1, 1975; and

        (4)    Any other revenue bonds issued under the same provisions of law that authorized the issuance of the bonds listed in this subsection.

    (h)    “Transportation facilities project” includes:

        (1)    The Susquehanna River Bridge, the Harry W. Nice/Thomas “Mac” Middleton Potomac River Bridge, the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Chesapeake Bay Bridge and parallel Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the Fort McHenry Tunnel, the Francis Scott Key Bridge, and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway, together with their appurtenant causeways, approaches, interchanges, entrance plazas, toll stations, and service facilities;

        (2)    A vehicle parking facility located in a priority funding area as defined in § 5–7B–02 of the State Finance and Procurement Article;

        (3)    Any other project for transportation facilities that the Authority authorizes to be acquired or constructed; and

        (4)    Any additions, improvements, or enlargements to any of these projects, whenever authorized.

    (i)    “Transportation facility” has the meaning stated in § 3–101 of this article.

    (j)    “Vehicle parking facility” means a controlled entrance and exit building, structure, surface lot, and other facility for parking vehicles, for which fees or charges are established for the use of the facility.

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