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Article - Transportation


    (a)    The Administration may not renew the registration of any vehicle subject to this section if it is notified by a police department of Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, or a municipal corporation in Prince George’s County or Montgomery County that the applicant has failed to satisfy a liability arising under § 25-206.1 of this subtitle to the police department or its agent.

    (b)    (1)    The restriction provided by this section shall apply to all vehicles registered to the applicant at the time that notification is made by a police department as provided in subsection (a) of this section.

        (2)    The restriction provided by this section may not apply solely to those vehicles provided for under § 25-206.1 of this subtitle.

    (c)    The Administration shall continue to refuse an application as required by subsection (a) of this section until it is notified by the police department that the applicant is no longer subject to the restriction imposed by this section.

    (d)    The penalty provided in this section does not apply to the registered owner of a vehicle who has made a bona fide sale or gift of the vehicle to another person prior to its being towed or impounded. The registered owner has the burden of showing that a bona fide sale or gift of the vehicle has occurred.

    (e)    The penalty provided by this section does not apply in any case in which notice as required by § 25-204(c) of this subtitle has not been provided.

    (f)    The Administration shall adopt procedures by which a police department shall notify it of any restriction or rescission of a restriction under this section on a person’s ability to register or transfer the registration of a vehicle.

    (g)    The restrictions and procedures provided by this section are in addition to any other penalty provided by law for the abandonment of, or failure to reclaim impounded vehicles.

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