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Article - Transportation


    (a)    “Off–highway recreational vehicle” means a vehicle that is:

        (1)    A motor–assisted or motor–driven vehicle that:

            (i)    Is designed to carry only the operator of the vehicle on a seat or saddle designed to be straddled by the operator or is designed to carry only the operator of the vehicle and one passenger; and

            (ii)    Is commonly known as an all–terrain vehicle;

        (2)    A motor–assisted or motor–driven vehicle that:

            (i)    Travels on four or more tires;

            (ii)    Is intended for use by one or more persons;

            (iii)    Has the following features:

                1.    A steering wheel for steering control;

                2.    A roll–over protective structure;

                3.    An occupant retention system;

                4.    Nonstraddle seating;

                5.    A maximum speed capability exceeding 30 miles per hour;

                6.    An overall width of less than 80 inches, exclusive of accessories; and

                7.    An engine displacement of less than 1,000 cubic centimeters; and

            (iv)    Is commonly known as a side–by–side utility vehicle;

        (3)    A motorcycle that is designed for off–highway operation and is not eligible for registration as a Class D (motorcycle) vehicle under this article, commonly known as a dirt bike; or

        (4)    A snowmobile.

    (b)    “Off–highway recreational vehicle” does not include:

        (1)    A farm vehicle as defined in § 13–911 of this article when used exclusively on farm property by a farmer;

        (2)    Any vehicle when used on residential property for the purpose of landscaping, gardening, or lawn care; or

        (3)    An electric bicycle.

    (c)    The Administration may establish by regulation other requirements for or limitations on the definition of “off–highway recreational vehicle”.

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