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Article - Tax - Property


    (a)    There is a supervisor for each county.

    (b)    (1)    In this subsection and subsection (c) of this section, “appropriate county official” means the Mayor of Baltimore City, the county commissioners or county council of each county, or, if the county charter provides for a county executive, the county executive with the approval of the county council.

        (2)    Each supervisor:

            (i)    shall be appointed by the Director; and

            (ii)    shall be in the management service of the State Personnel Management System.

        (3)    The Director shall appoint each supervisor from a list of five qualified individuals submitted to the Director by the appropriate county official. The Director shall give the appropriate county official written notice that a vacancy exists in that county. Unless the Director extends the period on written request from the appropriate county official, the appropriate county official shall submit its list of nominees to the Director on or before 60 days from the date the Director notifies the official of the vacancy.

        (4)    If the Director finds that none of the nominees on a list meets the qualifications set under § 2–109 of this subtitle, the Director may reject all of them and request the appropriate county official to provide a new list. If the appropriate county official does not submit a new list within 20 days of receiving the Director’s request, the Director may appoint any qualified individual.

    (c)    (1)    In addition to the qualifications set under § 2–109 of this subtitle, a supervisor:

            (i)    may not hold any other public office of profit;

            (ii)    on appointment, need not be a resident of the county for which the supervisor was appointed, but shall become a resident of the county after the appointment is made; and

            (iii)    may not continue to hold office after reaching the age of 70 years.

        (2)    The appropriate county official may waive the residency requirement of paragraph (1)(ii) of this subsection.

        (3)    If the appropriate county official nominates an individual under subsection (b)(3) of this section who is not currently a resident of the county, the residency requirement of paragraph (1)(ii) of this subsection is waived for that individual.

    (d)    A supervisor may be removed from office only after a hearing before the Department and a finding of incompetency or other cause.

    (e)    The classifications and salaries of supervisors shall be set in accordance with the provisions of Division I of the State Personnel and Pensions Article.

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