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Statutes Text

Article - Tax - General


    After making the distributions required under §§ 2–1301 through 2–1302.1 of this subtitle, the Comptroller shall pay:

        (1)    revenues from the hotel surcharge into the Dorchester County Economic Development Fund established under § 10–130 of the Economic Development Article;

        (2)    to the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund established under § 5–206 of the Education Article, the following percentage of the remaining sales and use tax revenues:

            (i)    for fiscal year 2023, 9.2%;

            (ii)    for fiscal year 2024, 11.0%;

            (iii)    for fiscal year 2025, 11.3%;

            (iv)    for fiscal year 2026, 11.7%; and

            (v)    for fiscal year 2027 and each fiscal year thereafter, 12.1%; and

        (3)    the remaining sales and use tax revenue into the General Fund of the State.

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