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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    The Secretary may provide by regulation for leave with pay:

        (1)    for jury service;

        (2)    to attend employee organization events approved for this purpose by the Secretary;

        (3)    up to 15 days for military training or active military duty in a reserve unit of the armed forces or in the organized militia;

        (4)    unless the employee is a party to the action or a paid witness, to appear in compliance with a subpoena:

            (i)    in court;

            (ii)    before a grand jury;

            (iii)    before an administrative unit; or

            (iv)    for a deposition;

        (5)    for administrative leave for the purpose of immediately removing an employee from the work site, if the employee:

            (i)    poses a threat to self, another individual, or State property; or

            (ii)    is incapable of properly performing the employee’s duties because of extraordinary circumstances; and

        (6)    any other paid leave the Secretary deems necessary.

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