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Article - State Personnel and Pensions


    (a)    Except as otherwise provided by law, this title applies to all employees in the State Personnel Management System within the Executive Branch and independent personnel systems.

    (b)    This title does not apply to:

        (1)    an employee who is appointed by the Governor whose appointment requires the Governor’s approval;

        (2)    an employee in the executive service of the State Personnel Management System;

        (3)    a temporary employee;

        (4)    an attorney in the Office of the Attorney General;

        (5)    a State Police officer;

        (6)    an employee under § 7–601 of the Transportation Article who is subject to a collective bargaining agreement that contains another grievance procedure;

        (7)    an employee, including a member of a faculty, who is subject to a contract or regulation governing teacher tenure;

        (8)    a member of the faculty, an officer, or an administrative employee of Baltimore City Community College;

        (9)    a student employee;

        (10)    an individual who, as an inmate or patient in an institution, is employed by the State; or

        (11)    an administrative law judge in the Office of Administrative Hearings.

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