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Article - State Government


    The Secretary shall submit a report by December 31 of each year to the Governor and, in accordance with § 2–1257 of this article, the General Assembly, that includes:

        (1)    the number of:

            (i)    requests for help in obtaining benefits;

            (ii)    public contacts made by the Communications, Outreach, and Advocacy Program;

            (iii)    veterans enrolled in the United States Veterans Health Administration; and

            (iv)    veterans receiving benefits;

        (2)    the average amount of disability and pension benefits received by qualified individuals in this State compared to individuals in other states;

        (3)    an account of the costs of operating the Communications, Outreach, and Advocacy Program;

        (4)    a status of the accomplishments for, efficacy of, efficiency of, and level of resources available for each of the following programs:

            (i)    cemetery;

            (ii)    memorial;

            (iii)    service;

            (iv)    veterans homes;

            (v)    communications, outreach, and advocacy;

            (vi)    Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program and Fund; and

            (vii)    veterans’ services specialists;

        (5)    a general assessment of the status of veterans in the State;

        (6)    the estimated impact current military operations are likely to have on the needs of veterans in the future;

        (7)    the status of federal veterans programs as they relate to Maryland veterans; and

        (8)    any other issues concerning veterans that the Secretary considers appropriate.

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