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Article - State Government


    (a)    This section applies to the following minority business enterprises:

        (1)    a publicly owned business if 1 or more minority persons own at least 51% of the stock of the business; or

        (2)    any other business if 1 or more minority persons own at least 50% of the business.

    (b)    Subject to the limitations of any law that governs the activities of other units of the Executive Branch of the State government, the Special Secretary shall:

        (1)    carry out each State or federal program that is created to promote the growth of or participation in minority business enterprises;

        (2)    promote and coordinate training regarding the requirements of the Minority Business Enterprise Program;

        (3)    promote, coordinate, and participate in the plans, programs, and operations of the State government that promote or otherwise affect the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of minority business enterprises;

        (4)    promote activities and the use of the resources of the State government, local governments, and private entities for the growth of minority business enterprises;

        (5)    coordinate the effort of private entities and public agencies to develop minority business enterprises;

        (6)    establish a system to develop, collect, summarize, and give out information that would help a person to:

            (i)    establish a minority business enterprise;

            (ii)    operate a minority business enterprise successfully; or

            (iii)    promote the establishment and successful operation of minority business enterprises;

        (7)    establish a mentoring program:

            (i)    in which larger and more established minority businesses can mentor start–up and small minority businesses; and

            (ii)    that incentivizes mentor participation by providing benefits to mentors, including:

                1.    special recognition on the Office website, and in the Office newsletter and participation updates;

                2.    a certificate of participation awarded by the Office;

                3.    the opportunity to present highlights of mentor and protege relationships at an annual appreciation event sponsored by the Office; and

                4.    increased networking and educational opportunities;

        (8)    conduct a feasibility study for creating a technical assistance program in the Office that provides one–on–one assistance to minority businesses in submitting competitive and successful bids and proposals for procurement contracts;

        (9)    provide training and educational opportunities for nonminority prime contractors regarding the duties and responsibilities of a prime contractor with respect to minority businesses; and

        (10)    subject to the limitations of law and the availability of funds:

            (i)    provide technical and managerial assistance to minority business enterprises;

            (ii)    provide the managerial and organizational framework for private entities and units of the State government to plan and carry out joint undertakings that relate to minority business enterprises;

            (iii)    pay, wholly or partly, the costs of a pilot or demonstration project that is intended to overcome the special problems of minority business enterprises; and

            (iv)    establish an annual awards program to recognize localities that demonstrate the highest excellence in minority business enterprise support.

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