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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    (a)    There is an Interdepartmental Advisory Committee on Small, Minority, and Women Business Affairs.

    (b)    The Interdepartmental Committee is composed of:

        (1)    the secretary of each principal department of the Executive Branch of government, or the secretary’s designee;

        (2)    the State Superintendent of Schools, or the Superintendent’s designee;

        (3)    the Secretary of Higher Education, or the Secretary’s designee; and

        (4)    the Special Secretary.

    (c)    The Interdepartmental Committee shall:

        (1)    advise the Special Secretary on proposals to implement and enhance the duties of the Office, including the promotion of employment of minority persons in the State, and the promotion of the growth and participation of minority business enterprises in the State;

        (2)    gather such information the Committee deems necessary to promote the goals of the Office;

        (3)    provide such other assistance as may be required to further the purposes of §§ 9–304 and 9–305 of this subtitle; and

        (4)    meet at the call of the Special Secretary.

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