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Article - State Government


    The Unit shall:

        (1)    evaluate at each facility:

            (i)    the child advocacy grievance process;

            (ii)    the Department’s monitoring process;

            (iii)    the treatment of and services to youth;

            (iv)    the physical conditions of the facility; and

            (v)    the adequacy of staffing;

        (2)    review all reports of disciplinary actions, grievances, and grievance dispositions received from each facility and alterations in the status or placement of a child that result in more security, additional obligations, or less personal freedom;

        (3)    receive copies of the grievances submitted to the Department;

        (4)    perform unannounced site visits and on–site inspections of facilities;

        (5)    receive and review all incident reports submitted to the Department from facilities;

        (6)    receive reports of the findings of child protective services investigations of allegations of abuse or neglect of a child in a facility;

        (7)    ensure that each facility is in compliance with the regulations applicable to residential facilities;

        (8)    monitor the implementation of educational programs at each residential facility;

        (9)    collaborate with the Department, the Department of Human Services, the Maryland Department of Health, and the Division of Children and Youth of the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services in all matters related to the licensing and monitoring of children’s residential facilities; and

        (10)    have a representative available to attend meetings of the advisory boards established under § 9–230 of the Human Services Article and meetings of the Juvenile Services Education Board established under § 9–502 of the Human Services Article.

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