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Statutes Text

Article - State Government


    In this subtitle, “place of public accommodation” means:

        (1)    an inn, hotel, motel, or other establishment that provides lodging to transient guests;

        (2)    a restaurant, cafeteria, lunchroom, lunch counter, soda fountain, or other facility principally engaged in selling food or alcoholic beverages for consumption on or off the premises, including a facility located on the premises of a retail establishment or gasoline station;

        (3)    a motion picture house, theater, concert hall, sports arena, stadium, or other place of exhibition or entertainment;

        (4)    a retail establishment that:

            (i)    is operated by a public or private entity; and

            (ii)    offers goods, services, entertainment, recreation, or transportation; or

        (5)    an establishment:

            (i)    1.    that is physically located within the premises of any other establishment covered by this subtitle; or

                2.    within the premises of which any other establishment covered by this subtitle is physically located; and

            (ii)    that holds itself out as serving patrons of the covered establishment.

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