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Article - State Finance and Procurement


    (a)    Except as provided in subsection (d) of this section, this subtitle applies to all procurements by a unit.

    (b)    This subsection does not apply to procurements subject to Subtitle 1 of this title.

    (c)    To the extent practicable, a unit shall structure its procurement procedures to achieve a minimum of 15% of the unit’s total dollar value of goods, supplies, services, maintenance, construction, construction–related services, and architectural and engineering service contracts to be made directly to small businesses.

    (d)    The total dollar value of procurements by a unit does not include the value of contracts to which this section does not apply because of a conflict with federal law.

    (e)    A unit may apply toward the unit’s overall annual Small Business Reserve payment achievement only those payments resulting from a procurement that is designated a Small Business Reserve procurement.

    (f)    (1)    The Special Secretary for the Office of Small, Minority, and Women Business Affairs, in consultation with the Attorney General, shall establish standards and guidelines for participation in the Small Business Reserve Program every 5 years.

        (2)    The standards and guidelines established under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall allow for the registration of businesses for participation in the Small Business Reserve Program without the need to file any additional paperwork other than evidence that the business:

            (i)    is a small business under this subtitle; and

            (ii)    1.    is certified as a minority business enterprise under Subtitle 3 of this title;

                2.    is certified under the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program; or

                3.    is qualified as a small business under Subtitle 2 of this title.

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