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Article - Real Property


    (a)    If the person offering a deed or other instrument affecting property for record first pays the recording fees, the clerk of the circuit court of each county shall record every deed and other instrument affecting property in well-bound books to be named “Land Records”, if that is the practice in the county, or on microfilm, if that is the practice. The clerk shall endorse on the deed or other instrument the time he receives the document for recording and the endorsement shall show in the Land Records. Any deed or other instrument affecting property which also affects personal property shall be recorded in the same manner in the Land Records only, and not in the “Financing Records”.

    (b)    If an interested party so requests, the “Financing Records” provided for in § 9-402(9) of the Commercial Law Article shall include a notation that the instrument is recorded among the “Land Records”. The instrument also shall be indexed in the general alphabetical index provided in § 3-302 of this subtitle. The notation and indexing have the same effect as if the instrument were recorded in full among the “Financing Records”.

    (c)    The clerk may not refuse to accept any deed or other document entitled to be recorded, solely on the grounds that the deed or document contains a strike-through, interlineation, or other corrections. The clerk may refuse to accept for re-recording, a previously recorded deed or document that has been corrected or altered by a strike-through, interlineation, or similar corrective measures, and that has not been re-executed, initialled, or otherwise ratified in writing by the party or parties affected by the correction.

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