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Article - Real Property


    (a)    A circuit court may decree a partition of any property, either legal or equitable, on the bill or petition of any joint tenant, tenant in common, parcener, or concurrent owner, whether claiming by descent or purchase. If it appears that the property cannot be divided without loss or injury to the parties interested, the court may decree its sale and divide the money resulting from the sale among the parties according to their respective rights. The right to a partition or sale includes the right to a partition or sale of any separate lot or tract of property, and the bill or petition need not pray for a partition of all the lots or tracts.

    (b)    This section applies regardless of whether any party, plaintiff, or defendant is a minor, disabled, or a nonresident.

    (c)    A sale and deed made pursuant to an order of the court in the exercise of the power provided in this section is good and sufficient at law to transfer property of the person. A deed executed in exercise of the above power provided in this section shall be executed by the person the court appoints for the purpose.

    (d)    If any bill or petition is filed under the provisions of this section for the sale of property, any person holding a mortgage, other encumbrance on the property, or an undivided interest in the property may be made a party to the bill, and the property shall be sold free and clear of the mortgage or other encumbrance. However, the rights of a lienor shall be protected in the distribution of the proceeds of the sale.

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